During my Spring Break trip with the family, we went to various food places. I am only mentioning a few of the places we went to eat because they were either famous or local.

First up:

2012-03-11 10.41.59

1104 Locust Street
Saint Louis, Missouri 63102
(314) 241-8118

2012-03-11 11.07.55

#4 Breakfast Scramble [3 eggs served over potatoes, zucchini, roasted tomato, red onion, garlic, spinach, and mushrooms] | $9.50

It looks little and it looks like it won’t fill you up but you are so wrong if that’s what you believe. The potatoes filled me up very fast. It felt very big to me halfway through.

A plus, it was not salty. A lot of places put so much salt and pepper on their food but this place was amazing at everything.

2012-03-11 11.21.45

We asked for hot sauce … and we got Asian hot sauce. Racist much? We were wanting Tobasco thank you very much.

2012-03-11 11.31.48

Nutella Sweet Crepe [with strawberry] | $7.95

Tammy and I were eyeing the crepes. I’m not a sweets person but they are known for it so we just had to try it.

Sweet crepe for sure. They piled on the Nutella which was surprising because they usually don’t give a lot of Nutella at other places. The strawberries were very ripe and sweet.

This place was very delicious. There was a wait but not long. And while you are waiting you can go and get coffee … for free!

The only complaint I have is the cups. They were not washed well and had a lot of leftover coffee in it. Or maybe the cups are so old that there were lots of coffee stains in the cup. When I looked at it, it made me want to throw up.

Other than that, I would recommend you go and try it out.

Day 1: On a Jet Plane + Reunion

I hope everyone’s having a good day. When it’s day here, it’s night over there. And I’m a day early now so I’m not sure what is going on. But let’s begin.


My boarding passes.


We were there an hour or so early so I sat and looked at the planes while my mum sipped on her Starbucks coffee. That’ll be Dopey in the picture. He’s traveling with me so I’m going to try to take pictures with him in it.


Mum gave me some Hong Kong money … in case I got lost and needed it. Which is dumb because I don’t understand the first thing about Hong Kong currency here. What I do know is that the amount here is around $25 in the US. They’ll most likely just sit in my wallet for the duration of the time I’m here.


They handed out a snack of a choice of airplane peanuts, cookies, or mini pretzels. I chose the latter with water. Then my mum pulled out our goodies we packed. Beef jerky, cherries, and a chocolate bar.


We had a layover in Detroit. Look at the pretty tunnel at their airport! Smile Makes me happy.


Mum and I split a Mega Club sandwich that consisted of ham, turkey, bacon, and Swiss with chips and water. This added up to about $14 … geebus!

Let’s just say I am not use to grains, dairy, processed foods and the flight was a little uncomfortable.


Upon boarding out last plane, we received a menu, earphones, and snacks. I got water yet again … mmmm.


When the plane lifted off, I started watching movies:

  • Wanderlust – okay … not that great. Laughed in my head a few times but that was it.
  • Hangover Part II – loved this movie. Hilarious. Bradley Cooper with a baby and monkey. Enough said.
  • Jack and Jill – funnier than I expected. I heard the reviews sucked but I always liked things other people dislike.
  • A Cinderella Movie: Once Upon a Song – Ah … loved it. The main character is the girl from Pretty Little Liars and her voice is magical. I wish I was as talented as her.
  • The Lovely Bones – hated the ending but it was an incredible movie. Shows how much a family loves each other. I tried really, really hard not to cry on the plane.
  • Young Adult – so boring I had to stop watching it
  • Crazy, Stupid, Love – amazing. I was never a Ryan Gosseling fan but he was pretty sexy in it. And anything with Emma Stone is a plus.


Other than that I read my books, played some games on my Kindle Fire, and wrote lyrics. Yep. On napkins. Classy, eh? Dopey helped me out. Winking smile

They fed us A LOT on the plane. I felt that was all I did. Eat, eat, eat. Most of the time we got to chose what we ate so my mum would pick one and I would pick the other so that we can try out everything. True fat asses right here.


There were three choices for the first one but we chose the better ones.

Left: Western Choice: Seasonal green salad with parmesan cheese and tomatoes with Italian dressing. Chicken breast with ale sauce, cheddar mashed potatoes and broccoli. Slice of cheese with crackers, bread with butter, and a dessert of a cinnamon brownie.

Right: Chinese Choice: romaine salad with carrots, celery and cashews. Sweet and sour pork with assorted Chinese vegetables and steamed rice. Bread and butter, and a dessert of fruit cup and a fortune cookie.

The western choice was a-freaking-delicious. But I can’t say the same to the Chinese choice. I was not a fan of the sour pork. It was fried and very soggy. Yuck. I kept the brownie for later eating and the dressing and butter were not in use. My mum didn’t eat the fortune cookie either. Very filling.


Mid-flight snack: ham, cheese, and lettuce sandwich, milano cookies (we didn’t eat them), and a banana.

See the black tea? I drank like 10+ cups of those. So good. It kept me warm on the long, long flight.

We ate some of our goodies we packed as well. Nom.


Our pre-arrival meal.

Left: glazed beef tenderloin with sesame sauce, Napa cabbage, carrots and rice. Cucumber salad, fruit cup, bread and butter, and water.

Right: shell pasta in red pepper pesto sauce with shrimp, leeks and red peppers. Cucumber salad, fruit cup, bread and butter, and water.

I really, really loved this meal. Both was deliciously good.


Upon arrival, we went up and down some stairs to ride a trans-am to immigration so we could sign in.

Then we headed to baggage claim. They lost my luggage. Their reason is because during the layover, they didn’t scan my luggage in time … whatever that means. Rude. There suppose to deliver it tonight. I am sweaty and wearing the same clothes. GROSS!


We waited for forever for our family to pick us up [grandma (PoPo), little cousin (Alva), and my soon to be aunt (Na)] and when we did, we got on an airport bus that took us to our destination.


After the 30 minute+ bus ride, we dropped off our baggage at the flat where I finally saw my uncle (Dicky).

Then we all headed to go hotpot, less then a 10 minute walk, where I saw my aunt [Kathy]. If you don’t know what hotpot is, it’s where we order a table full of raw foods and throw it in the hot pot where you can instantly eat it afterward. Yum. This isn’t all the food. We ordered more and I loved it all. I ate some meat but I mostly ate the veggies. Definitely did not try everything on the table because I was so full from the meals they gave on the flight.

After eating, we went back home and relaxed. Kathy didn’t know the password to the WiFi so I couldn’t update so I went to sleep instead. So here is a post I wrote at 5am when people were still asleep.