Day 4: Korean BBQ!

Got a charger!! Sorry for all that mess. Hopefully this one sticks and works the rest of the time I’m here!

Where did I end … Day 4.


As Kathy, Mum, and I were leaving to go for breakfast, we saw a girl with her dad. In Hong Kong, they pick a day and do volunteering. You donate how ever much you want and you get a sticker so other people know you did a good deed. The money is used to help kids with disabilities. I donated! Open-mouthed smile


So on this day, Kathy, Mum and I went to McDonald’s for breakfast. The menu is so different and the foods taste a little different as well. Still love their hashbrowns. I shared this meal with the Mum.


Later after much walking around and shopping, Mum, PoPo, Alva, and I went to a shop and ate Congee with Pigs Blood and Pork meat. Then we ate a lot of foods with noodle. One with just noodle. The next is crispy bread wrapped with noodle. And the last one is beef wrapped with noodle. We didn’t finish everything but the congee was delicious. Some of the best pigs blood I’ve ever had!


Then we went to a Jockey Club to buy lottery. Then we all went our separate ways. Mum and I shopped around then went to the jewelers to buy gold bracelets for two people. I’m not a fan of gold but the people there were very nice.


Later that night, PoPo, Mum, and I met Kathy, Alva, Vincent, and his girlfriend Rachel at a Korean restaurant. You cook your own food on a hot grill. Pretty much. This isn’t all the food we ordered but geebus it was good!

After dinner we walked around and that pretty much summed up our day. Eat, eat, eat. That’s pretty much all we do.

Whitfield’s Restaurant and Bar

The family Spring Break trip’s most fanciest meal.

2012-03-12 18.02.36 

Whitfield’s Restaurant and Bar
106 Harding Place
Nashville, Tennessee
(615) 356-5450


Free Bread

The bread was very delicious but because I wanted to save my tummy for the appetizers and main meal.

Their butter was different. It was mixed with other things.


Korean BBQ Lettuce Wraps [with jicama and apple slaw] | $8

Yum. I love anything wrapped in lettuce … lettuce wraps. The jicama was so so but the meat was so juicy. $8 for three measly lettuce wraps sounds a bit costly so if I was ever to come back here, I think I’d pass.


Buttermilk Fried Oysters [Polenta sweet corn cake, roasted corn salsa topped with Meyer lemon aioli] | $11.50

Mmm … THE BEST appetizer out of all the ones we tried. Our family LOVES oysters and fried in polenta sweet corn cake … even better. I think if they just served polenta it would be great. I love polenta.


Fried Green Tomatoes [Parmesan and panko crusted, housemade mozzarella, pickled red onion and red pepper coulis] | $8.50

I’ve always wanted to try fried green tomatoes. And finally I got to try it. It wasn’t as great as I thought it would be. But if you eat it together with the mozzarella it gives it a different taste. Since we were sharing I accidentally got the green tomato but it was still good. I don’t think I would want to waste money on fried green tomatoes in the future though.


Corn and Crab Chowder [rich and creamy corn broth finished with lump crab and roasted corn] | $9

A lot of places tend to skimp on the crab.  But they were very lenient. Every bite I pretty much had crab. Worth the money.

I was already full during this point but … my main meal!


Shepherd’s Pie [braised Painted Hills top sirloin with winter vegetables and a savory pan sauce topped with sour cream mashed potatoes] | $18

Oh geebus. Loads of meat and potatoes. I loved it. My mum thought it tasted a little “sour” I only ate four of those squares. The rest I had to give to my dad. Too filling.


Trio of Seasonal Brulees | $8

Tammy loves Crème Brule so we ordered this for dessert – which our family rarely do. If I remember correctly it was Cinnamon Crème Brule, Mint Crème Brule, and Regular Crème Brule. I’m not a fan of mint desserts unless it’s in chocolate but this Mint Crème Brule was the best out of the three.

The ambience is very romantic. Very dim lights. We had to take out our cellphones to read the menu. Maybe turn up the lights a little or light up a little more candles …

I would come here again … when I make some money and find a significant other to go with.