Day 8: Number 10 and Wife



Brunch with Mum at a Vietnamese Restaurant. Tea. Sugared Lemon with 7up. Red bean mixture with coconut milk. Two noodle bowls. A bowl of Napa cabbage. Fried Pork Chop and Fried Chicken wings.

Too much food. So. Full.


We went back home for a rest or two then Alva and PoPo took us to the bus station. Double Decker Busses! Mum and I had to visit my Grandma’s Little Brother (Number 10 and his wife). Look at the view!

An hour or so later, we arrived.


We talked for a little while and then dinner was served. Veggies, mushrooms, veggies, clams, chicken feet, and fish heads.

Only thing I liked … mushrooms and veggies. So good. I’m not saying her cooking is bad but I’m just not a big fan of the other foods. Then I had two big lychees. Not a big fan either but they were juicy good!


The view from their flat. The air is so clean and obviously they have a nice view! Everything seems far away but once you start walking to things, it’s actually super close by. They live on floor 20 something I believe so everything is definitely tinier from up high.


When we left, Mum and I sat on a Train! Which then we got off and transferred onto a subway to get back to our flat.


Along the way home, we stopped by to buy Alva some Tong Sui. I wanted some too but they didn’t have the one I wanted. Therefore I got Sui Mai and Fish Balls along with some Gai Daan Jai. YUM!

Afterward, Alva decided to go on a walk and invited me along. So we ended up going on an hour plus walk along the pier. No pictures because he didn’t tell me it was going to be so beautiful! We saw ferries, gorgeously lit up buildings, dogs roaming around freely with their owners, runners, bikers, etc. Then he showed me his old Elementary School. We talked a lot and it was pretty cool catching up. We stopped by a 7/11 to get something to drink because it was so hot and humid with little wind.

Seriously, something so simple can make me so happy. I love that my cousin and I can get along even after all these years. He might be nice to me right now because he knows I’m leaving but whatever. It just feels right.

Can I stay here forever?

Brother Juniper’s & Charles Vergo’s Rendezvous

2012-03-13 10.43.28

Brother Juniper’s
3519 Walker Avenue
Memphis, Tennessee
(901) 324-0144

2012-03-13 11.20.03

Pacific Northwest Open Face Omelete [a bed of sour cream & home fries topped with portobellos, spinach, tomatoes, & green onions, feta and cheddar cheese served with cheese grits, toast, or biscuit]

So huge. That was our first reaction when the plates landed on our table. So worth the money however much it cost … because I don’t remember.

I didn’t eat the toast like usual. My mum ate that. I scrapped some of the cheese off. But yes, it was so good. Portobellos and spinach makes me happy.

Later that night we went to:


Charles Vergo’s Rendezvous
52 South 2nd Street
Memphis, Tennessee
(901) 523-2746


Rendezvous Special [ham, cheese, salami, sausage, pickles, peppers] | $12.95

Weird … I am sure we ordered that but I don’t see any ham, salami, or cheese? Maybe it’s in there and I am just blind.

Too salty. I kept chugging water and kept thinking to myself, “I hope my ribs don’t taste this way either.”


World Famous Rendezvous Charcoal Broiled Pork Ribs [served with beans and slaw – full order] | $18.75

But I was wrong. It was salty.

I mean, I know Memphis is known for their ribs and dry rub but … geebus! I tried scraping parts of the rub off. Thank goodness I was sharing this with my mum else I think I would have had  a salt overload.

The beans were really good though! My mum and I fought over who gets to eat more. But luckily my dad doesn’t really like beans and gave us his. Thanks dad!

The coleslaw was a little dry. I remember none of us ate our coleslaw.

I know this place is very famous but I don’t think I would come here again because of the saltiness. I felt very bloated on the long drive we had. Disappointed smile