Brother Juniper’s & Charles Vergo’s Rendezvous

2012-03-13 10.43.28

Brother Juniper’s
3519 Walker Avenue
Memphis, Tennessee
(901) 324-0144

2012-03-13 11.20.03

Pacific Northwest Open Face Omelete [a bed of sour cream & home fries topped with portobellos, spinach, tomatoes, & green onions, feta and cheddar cheese served with cheese grits, toast, or biscuit]

So huge. That was our first reaction when the plates landed on our table. So worth the money however much it cost … because I don’t remember.

I didn’t eat the toast like usual. My mum ate that. I scrapped some of the cheese off. But yes, it was so good. Portobellos and spinach makes me happy.

Later that night we went to:


Charles Vergo’s Rendezvous
52 South 2nd Street
Memphis, Tennessee
(901) 523-2746


Rendezvous Special [ham, cheese, salami, sausage, pickles, peppers] | $12.95

Weird … I am sure we ordered that but I don’t see any ham, salami, or cheese? Maybe it’s in there and I am just blind.

Too salty. I kept chugging water and kept thinking to myself, “I hope my ribs don’t taste this way either.”


World Famous Rendezvous Charcoal Broiled Pork Ribs [served with beans and slaw – full order] | $18.75

But I was wrong. It was salty.

I mean, I know Memphis is known for their ribs and dry rub but … geebus! I tried scraping parts of the rub off. Thank goodness I was sharing this with my mum else I think I would have had  a salt overload.

The beans were really good though! My mum and I fought over who gets to eat more. But luckily my dad doesn’t really like beans and gave us his. Thanks dad!

The coleslaw was a little dry. I remember none of us ate our coleslaw.

I know this place is very famous but I don’t think I would come here again because of the saltiness. I felt very bloated on the long drive we had. Disappointed smile

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