Day 11: New Purse! + Macau!


Iced Green Tea
Iced Lemon Tea


Baked Pork Chop with Rice
Roasted Pork with Eggs with Rice

Brunch was served. Yum! I’ve been waiting for my Baked Pork Chop with Rice … sadly it’s not as good as where I get it in the States. Sad smile Waste.


Still on that medicine shiet. Nasty. They didn’t cook my medicine in time so I have to mix my own. WTF. They should give us money back. When you use the instant mix, it’s not as affective. But I like this way better. It’s not as bitter and I can drink it pretty much whenever I want in that time period.


After we got our medicine, Mum and I went shopping. Something for the brother (don’t tell bro what it is sissy!), candies, earrings, and a purse!

I needed it a new purse since the one I brought over started turning colors. Sad smile It was so cute too so I’m very depressed. But this purse is cute.


PoPo bought some Little Chicken Bread. Not a fan but I took one anyway since she offered.

Then Kathy came home along with Rachel and we got ready for Macau sans PoPo. Eeeep! So excited. We rode on the subway then walked to the ferry place.


When we got to the ferry place, we stopped by Starbucks.

They have Green Tea Frappuccino with Red Bean!! Mmmm … so good. I wish they had it in the States! Only thing that sucked was when I tried to suck up the beans and it got stuck in the straw. They need bigger straws …

We got a phone call to meet Dicky on the other side … so we bought our tickets and got on the ferry.


The inside looks exactly like the inside of an airplane. Only thing different is there’s more leg room!

I went into the bathroom to pee … and uh … all I can say is you need strong leg muscles to piss on a ferry.

When we got to Macau … after a long ferry ride we met up with Dicky and then headed to dinner.


In a taxi! I can cross that off my list. Winking smile


We had Pork Bone Hot Pot. Look at all that bone. Sooo good. You can suck the marrow out of the bone … with a straw. LOVE!


So we hot potted and cooked meat and fish.


Had fried FROGS. Yep you red that right. and Clams.

I was hesitant with the frogs but I’ll try anything once … so yep … I can’t help but keep having frogs jumping around in my head. So that made it difficult to put into my mouth. Frogs tastes JUST like chicken. Mmmm …


We rode the Hotel bus to the hotel.


Um .. I would like this in my room please.


Sweeeet. One of the top floors! Rachel and I went into this one while Mum and Kathy went onto the 25th floor one.


Nice. Ass. View.


Whatchu know about them see through bathrooms? So cool. Bathtub. Standing shower. Toilet. Of course you can pull down the curtain though so no one can see when you’re naked.


After we were settled, we went to gamble somewhere in the hotel. So fun. We played big/small and pulled some machines.

Then we went outside the hotel. This is what it looks like. Sweeeeet! And we went to grab a midnight snack.


Dumplings with Crab and Soup
Dumplings with Pork and Chives
Sesame Filled Sweet Dough Balls

Mmm … I love the wrapper of the dumplings with crab and soup but loved the filling of the pork and chives dumpling. YUM! If only it was that instead then I would really be satisfied!


Macau money if anyone wondered what it looked like.

I’ll update Macau: Day 2 later. I gotta pack for Taiwan. Leaving to the airport in a few hours then riding on a jet plane! Weeee!!

Suma Veggie Café & Jeng Chi Restaurant

Before my brother’s graduation, Jenny and Tammy took me to:

2012-05-18 12.33.02

Suma Veggie Café
800 East Arapaho Road #120
Richardson, Texas
(972) 889-8598

2012-05-18 12.36.46

Lunch Buffet [all you can eat!] | $7.35

Their buffet was small but how many vegetarian food can they make? Some foods tasted bland while others were doused in sauces … or fried.

It’s a family owned, small little restaurant. I don’t hate it. But then again, I don’t love it. If you are vegetarian I think this is a great place to go to, else, I’ll stay away and eat my mum’s vegetarian food.

The next day for lunch, Jenny and Sammi took me to:

2012-05-19 13.11.15

Jeng Chi Restaurant
400 North Greenville Avenue #19
Richardson, Texas
(972) 669-9094

2012-05-19 13.20.28

Chicken Cold Noodle | $5.45

So good. It reminds me of when I was around the age of 12 and my mum made it after watching a Chinese show on telly. The coldness tasted so great with that hot summer heat.

2012-05-19 13.21.07

Small Juicy Steamed Dumplings [8] | $5.95

But then this counteracted with it with the steaming soup. These are my favorite types of dumplings. A squirt of soup wrapped up. If you ever go to a Chinese restaurant and they have this, try it! You will love it! And if you don’t … I don’t think we can be friends anymore.

2012-05-19 13.23.46

Green Onion Pancake [1] | $2.50

These are never my favorite. But Jenny and Sammi loves them so they got it. Tried it and loved it. They make it so differently. It is actually crispy on the outside and fluffy and soft on the inside. Whereas the other places I’ve ever had it is just crispy all over. Bleugh. So that was a surprise.

2012-05-19 13.27.49

Pork and Leek Boiled Dumplings [12] | $4.95

I love dumplings. LOVE. If you don’t we can’t be friends. I’m a bigger fan of dumplings if it has less meat and more flour skin. Though these aren’t like that, it was still so dang good.

I want to come here for lunch every time I’m in Dallas. Go here. Try the food. You won’t regret it!