Suma Veggie Café & Jeng Chi Restaurant

Before my brother’s graduation, Jenny and Tammy took me to:

2012-05-18 12.33.02

Suma Veggie Café
800 East Arapaho Road #120
Richardson, Texas
(972) 889-8598

2012-05-18 12.36.46

Lunch Buffet [all you can eat!] | $7.35

Their buffet was small but how many vegetarian food can they make? Some foods tasted bland while others were doused in sauces … or fried.

It’s a family owned, small little restaurant. I don’t hate it. But then again, I don’t love it. If you are vegetarian I think this is a great place to go to, else, I’ll stay away and eat my mum’s vegetarian food.

The next day for lunch, Jenny and Sammi took me to:

2012-05-19 13.11.15

Jeng Chi Restaurant
400 North Greenville Avenue #19
Richardson, Texas
(972) 669-9094

2012-05-19 13.20.28

Chicken Cold Noodle | $5.45

So good. It reminds me of when I was around the age of 12 and my mum made it after watching a Chinese show on telly. The coldness tasted so great with that hot summer heat.

2012-05-19 13.21.07

Small Juicy Steamed Dumplings [8] | $5.95

But then this counteracted with it with the steaming soup. These are my favorite types of dumplings. A squirt of soup wrapped up. If you ever go to a Chinese restaurant and they have this, try it! You will love it! And if you don’t … I don’t think we can be friends anymore.

2012-05-19 13.23.46

Green Onion Pancake [1] | $2.50

These are never my favorite. But Jenny and Sammi loves them so they got it. Tried it and loved it. They make it so differently. It is actually crispy on the outside and fluffy and soft on the inside. Whereas the other places I’ve ever had it is just crispy all over. Bleugh. So that was a surprise.

2012-05-19 13.27.49

Pork and Leek Boiled Dumplings [12] | $4.95

I love dumplings. LOVE. If you don’t we can’t be friends. I’m a bigger fan of dumplings if it has less meat and more flour skin. Though these aren’t like that, it was still so dang good.

I want to come here for lunch every time I’m in Dallas. Go here. Try the food. You won’t regret it!

4 thoughts on “Suma Veggie Café & Jeng Chi Restaurant

  1. I’ve always like the Suma Veggie Café – but a lot of that is I’m entertained by the sometimes crazy owner.

    Never been to Jeng Chi – going to have to check it out. Your entry is making me hungry.

    Thanks for sharing.

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