Day 13: Taiwan + Reunion

First things first … I changed all the titles to the Hong Kong post. Just fyi if you were wondering or whatever.


We got to the airport super early. 5:30 AM early. EMPTY. It looks exactly like the Chinese Soaps I  watch when they go to the airport and whatnot. LOVE when that happens.


We sat around for a long while, then went into the departure tunnels where we ate breakfast at Everybody Lok. Congee noodles and whatnot.


Then we sat around some more. Gorgeous … no? I love those dang clouds. I don’t see much in Texas and when I do, it mostly means it might rain.


Then we got on the plane and flew. So pretty! And the clouds look like fluffy pillows.


Apparently we get food on this flight … beef with rice and cabbage, tong sui, water, and tea! LOVE my tea!

I left most of the rice though because I was still a bit full from the breakfast. I tried to tong sui as well and it’s not as great as I’d have hoped.


Hello, Taiwan!


Got off the plane and had a reunion with my oldest guy cousin, Wilson! I haven’t seen him in almost 20 years. We rode on a bus for a long while. Then walked to the subway and rode that. That’ll be my EasyCard. Similar to my Octopus Card in Hong Kong. For rides and to use as a debit card depending on how much you put in.


Pretty view while riding the subway. They are filled with greenery here!


We went into a Shopping Center where his wife later came. They call her Mei Mei so I will to for identification sake.

After a super long wait. We had 3 bamboo steamers that were filled with dumplings with soup. I love this stuff! It’s like crack! I also had a few spoons of hot and sour soup. SO good. So spicy!


Afterward, we rode a taxi to a museum. Yep. We were there for a good 4-5 + hours. What were we looking at you ask?

A lot of stuff from the past. Like what they wore, what they owned, how they made stuff. You would think it would be short but they had a three story building plus another one story building. Ridiculous. But some what interesting to see … I do a quick glance over and whatnot though.

Then we rode another taxi to eat. YUM! I was starving by then. We had Japanese BBQ/hotpot


This might look like a lot of food … but it was actually more than this. I just stopped taking pictures of the same stuff we ordered.

I tried my first every ox tongue. Yes. You read that right. I was hesitant but I’ll try anything once and surprisingly it was delicious! It does have a weird stanky smell but the texture was very … I don’t even know how to describe it. It has a weird bite to it.

And the intestine and fatty beef was the best I’ve ever had.

Mmmm … so far, Taiwan, you’ve treated me well.


After dinner, we walked to Wilson’s new hotel. He’s the Chinese Sous Chef there. SO cool! and I took a picture of the nightlife in Taiwan.

Oh and some dogs. They are not leashed here. A lot of dogs here are abandoned and walk around freely. While there’s some that are taken care of really well. The ones at the shops just sits there and lets people touch them and they don’t run away. If they jump off for people to touch, and the person then leaves, they go back to their spot. SO WELL TRAINED!! SO cute!

We then went on the subway and rode to his new house. He bought his own flat!! And remodeled it. It’s so spacious and very new and bright inside. I loved it! No pictures though. His place so I don’t feel comfortable doing so.

After snapping some group pictures for my family back in the States to see, Mum and I headed to the hotel.

We rode our taxi and when we got nearby, the taxi driver said he couldn’t find it. After circling around for what seemed like minutes on end, he finally drops us off at our hotel.

To where my mum and I lug our stuff up the 10th floor where the concierge tells us he doesn’t have our reservations.

To where he calls his headquarters and tells us where we were was the wrong hotel. That they had three in that area.

To where we were told our travel agent wrote down the wrong one.

To where we walked for a good few minutes to the next one. Luckily the concierge took us there or else mum and I would be walking for a good hour or so looking for it.

To where that concierge said the internet isn’t that great so it might suck.

Internet has become my life. I know I need to unplug but uh … I need my internet. So I was a little angry.

So many bad things toward the end made me feel people here are playing a joke on us.

Taiwan was on my BLEUGH list.

But that all changed …

Guest Post: Reasons To Blog

I have another guest post for y’all! Because you know … I’m having too much fun to be tied down on the computer.

I recently found Alex through stalking other blogs. That’s the only way to find cool readers, right? Only me? Oh … well she’s amazing and her posts always gets me laughing and sometimes hits too close to home. Like this post she wrote for you all to read. We are sometimes too alike. It’s kind of scary. Thanks for your true words, Alex. And hopefully readers who are hesitant to start their own blog will after reading this post!

If you aren’t already a follower of Alex, you must be joking. Head over there now and check her out … after this post of course.

To all of Alex’s readers, thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoy her words. I mean, you have to if you came from her blog, right? Leave a comment and I’ll be sure to stop by and check out your blog!


I loved getting this email about guest posting because this is probably one of the more recent additions to my Google reader ‘read everyday’ section. Yes, I like organization. Yes, my blogs have strange categories. Too much? Nah.

If you don’t know me, I am Alex over at The Run Within. My idea for this post actually came from a post that we both wrote (in different ways but strangely in a 24 hour period) about how people do not understand blogging. They think it is boring or a time sucker. Ah, how wrong. So why talk about the PERKS of being a blogger.

1. A place to be you. Most of us started a blog to put out that genuine person. There is no hiding behind a fake first impression because you determine that impression. All designs, all contents are vastly different – blogging at its best. No matter what, when you write, you are expressing yourself not through that physical appearance but through what you have to say.


2. An emotional and mental outlet. We all need breaks from reality or at least a place to reflect on our experiences. Blogging gives us that space to put it all out there in random vents, rambles or stories. Telling your story, at least in my case in regard to recovery, is therapeutic and hands on. Rather than avoiding those emotions, I feel more in touch with some of those feelings I used to shut down.

3. Some killer friends. I know many of us haven’t met or even heard each other’s voices but for some reason you feel a strange closeness to these ‘strangers’. We find common experiences, common likes or just common ground that make this community welcoming and warm. It gives you the opportunities to build friendships even beyond the computer screen (hello blogger meet ups and care packages). I am not the best person socially; I struggled in college to put myself out there. I hated those big parties. But blogging gave me this weird confidence to feel ok when I commented on a new blog, ok when I planned a blogger meet up (did I seriously do that?) and lead some sort of activity. These are things I would never have thought in a million years I would do, that is empowering.


4. Free stuff – ya I had to go there. I know we all want to look past this but since I have started blogging I have won more giveaways than I thought was humanly possible. Heck, I have tried some killer stuff and even am now committed to buying those on a regular basis.


5. Advice is given in a split second. Whether twitter or even through a comment, if I ask or even if I don’t ask for a little nudge or should – I get it. I honestly can’t even describe how good this feels for someone who always thought making friends was a difficult process and opening myself up was too risky.


As you can tell, I am still riding that high of starting a blog. I was an avid reader for almost 1.5 years before I even thought about giving it a shot. All I can say is take a chance, take your time and WRITE ABOUT IT.