Day 15: Goodbye, Taiwan! Hello, Hong Kong!


Checked out of the hotel and went to eat lunch. Ha

At The World of Curry. I’m sorry … I don’t know what world you’re from but it did not taste good at all. If this is how the whole world’s curry taste, then something’s wrong.

I’m sure they mixed old rice with the new one and they did not fry the chicken or fish well enough. YUCK. Oh and the curry wasn’t even spicy … failure.

So dissatisfied.


Then we shopped around some more and I bought this new product TonyMoly has. It’s a beauty store and for some reason, I ventured in and saw these egg pods. They’re so cute! And they’re used to wash your face and supposedly get rid of blackheads. Each one has their own purpose. It’s expensive but hopefully it works.

I already asked if they sold this in US … they don’t. So I guess I’ll have to ask Wilson to buy it and ship it to me if it works really well. Winking smile

After buying more things, we went into a Taxi and decided getting to the airport way early is better than lugging our luggage around.


We shopped a little more and I bought Irish Whiskey & Cream Chocolates!

It’s soooo good. Sadly because we turn of the A.C. in the flat during the day, I think they’re melting. Hope the liqueur doesn’t get out! People better eat some for me or else they’ll all be in my belly in less than a few seconds flat.


Since we got there early, I went on my Kindle and played around and read some pages then listened to some music on my iTouch.

Look closely and you will see “For The Kids”. I’ll always be seeing those words and think of everything but what they actually mean.

Duck Gizzard. YUM. Better than chicken gizzard. I’m not a great fan of chicken gizzard.

We waited for a good 3 hours before getting on the plane so I was happy I bought a bread from 7/11 before getting into the Taxi.


Dinner on the plane … China Airlines has bad food …. mushy rice and not delicious as Delta.

(pic via)

On the plane there was this super tall guy that reminded me of someone but I couldn’t figure it out till I got off the plane. He reminded me of Beaver from Greek! Holla!



Got back to Hong Kong and since we didn’t finish our meals, we went and got noodles and veggies.

A bowl of noodles with innards. And a bowl of noodles with fish tofu. Two plates of veggies. A plate of fried fish skin.


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