Proud Owner of a Foam Roller

Want to hear a funny story? No? Well tooooooo bad.

An old friend of mine who I haven’t really talked to since three years ago (?) just caught up a little on Facebook. Oh the joys of social media. And she told me she has a blog and all that other jazz. Surprise! ME TOO! You didn’t know that huh? Anyway, I told her I had one too but that I wasn’t ready to share. And she understood but will be willing to read it once I was comfortable. Thanks, Dhvani. I’ll keep that in mind! Smile

Then I did what any normal person would do … I Google’d myself with keywords that connect to me. And found out I have a Blogspot. Which I started in 2009. And where I was actually funny. I guess it was easier to let my sarcasm show up in my writing more back then.


Anyway, Sonja and I had plans to meet up at Rudy’s for lunch. I love it because it’s only a good 10 minutes from my house. As I was driving, I got stuck in traffic. Not on the freeway or anything. On a street. Why? Because everyone was waiting at the drive through of Chic-Fil-A. Ridiculous. Get out of the damn car.

Sonja and I got to catch up for a good 2 1/2 hours. Everything from boys to school to work to family to random crap. We only see each other two times a year. But only get to catch up once a year. I’m lucky to have friendships like this.


After we said our goodbyes I walked around Wal-Mart. I got use to walking around after eating in Hong Kong so I’m trying to keep up with that. I don’t know how that’ll work once I start my job though.

But … I finally bought a foam roller!

It’s from Gold’s Gym the 3-in-1 Massage Roll.

  • 18” High Density Massage Roll Layer
  • 18” Low Density Massage Roll Layer
  • 18” Rolling Massage Stick
  • Instructional DVD

Hot guy not included … boo.

It’s wrapped in cellophane and as nasty as it sounds, I tried it out on my back. If it didn’t work, I was going to return it. Don’t judge me. I don’t care if it was the right form or not or if it was the right layer but my back feels better. So I’m keeping it! I’m excited to roll every part of my body so all the pain goes away and better my muscles! Hopefully this will also mean, less injuries for me. Fingers crossed!