Alyssa’s House: A Night of Laughter

What’s weird … waking up early then sitting on the computer working on things and noticing that it’s only 9:48am when it felt like 12pm or something. When I was in Hong Kong, time flew by fast. I feel like I’m wasting away sitting here doing nothing when I should be doing something. I cannot wait to start my job. At least I’ll have a purpose then.

But then I took a nap and all time slipped away from me and it was time to get ready for Alyssa’s.

She was having Pappasito’s Cantina deliver to her house. I was excited. I haven’t had Mexican food since I’ve been back and Alyssa’s family is so amazing that I know her extended would be as well. And they were. It was great meeting some of her college friends as well.

Pappasito’s went all out. They brought out a grill and everything. It was great! The food was delicious.

I’m a great blogger and took only ONE picture. Better than none, right?


Alyssa with one of her doggies, Stuart Little.
And some of her wedding gifts behind her.

I had a great time with her family and we laughed A LOT. Though our friendship got distant, I’m glad we were still able to be close enough to where I can hang out with her family and friends. I hope that doesn’t change because they are all amazing.

Tomorrow we’re getting our nails done and having lunch. I can’t wait. Sounds fun!