Work = Lazy Days

Work is getting a little … tiring. I guess because I’m starting up with the schedule of lesser sleep than usual. Eep! But I’m very grateful to have a job. I hope I get use to this whole waking 9 hrs of work per day type deal or else I’m going to be crashing during the weekend.

Work is pretty great. I get every other Friday off. So that means 3 day weekends! Sometimes it could be more if a national holiday comes through or whatever. I am hoping I can visit SA on one of those weekends. Fingers crossed. I hope FTK has something going on that weekend or something. It would give me an excuse to visit and see everyone. Winking smile

I am hoping I have time this weekend to write out a fitness plan. I am in need of it badly. Apparently I lost a few pounds when I was in Hong Kong and now I’m struggling to have it kept off. All I do is wake up, walk to my car, drive to work, sit in my chair for almost 9 hours give or take a good 10 minutes when I walk to the restroom or heat up my lunch, then drive back home, and sit. I am actually quite sad that I am too tired to workout. Why am I even tired? I don’t even move at all! So I’m giving my body a week’s notice to get use to the new schedule because this isn’t going to cut it!

Any tips on how to stay active/healthy while working?

Much appreciated.

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