“I Love You” Texts


There’s been times friends or old acquaintances tell me how they use to like me but never told me. Or send me simple texts like, “I’ve always liked you!” or “I love you.”

Yep. That happened a few days ago.

Me: “Aw, you drunk? Love yah too!”

Him: “I love you so much you don’t even know.”


Yeah … sometimes that doesn’t work if the feeling isn’t mutual … thanks dude. You just made it awkward.

It’s just that confrontation isn’t the way to go with me. How can no one see that? Especially someone that’s known me since freshman year of high school! I like many subtle hints to where I’ll be able to notice sooner or later though I’m pretty blind. So maybe I was blind for many, many years? I’m awkward with this kind of stuff. I never know how to reply so I said:

“Cool beans. Hope work is going well!”

Is that good enough? Seriously, what am I suppose to say?

I’ve never felt that way about him. I saw him as a best friend … a brother. I think I just lost a really good friend.

Is it really true that a girl and a boy can’t be best friends without the whole love thing?


I miss the playground days. I miss where girls and boys have cooties but we were still able to play with each other. Simple days.

I’ve been told that if I wasn’t so picky I’d probably be married by now. I seriously don’t think I am. If you treat me right, you make me laugh, and a gentlemen, you’re a winner. (Is that too much to ask?) If I like you back, it means I can see a future. Else, I wouldn’t even bother.

Does that mean I’m picky?

I’ve also been told that the Chinese Calendar says this is the year for me and if I miss my chance I’ll be single F.O.R.E.V.E.R. Is that bizarre or what? But then again if it’s true …

Well, f@*# me.