Where Do You Get Motivation?

Some people can just wake up and go. Some can just get off work and go. Some just … Go.

Me? I need help. I tend to go in search of inspirational quotes or some pretty good looking before and after and so on.


So I went ahead and made a Tumbr here > Mouthwatering Morsel’s Motivation < where I can just reblog them. This doesn’t mean my blog is going anywhere. MwM’s Motivation is for me to get that motivation. That’s all. But if you’re like me and need to see it to do it … then go ahead and check it out.

This whole Tumblr thing might be a bad idea though because I just made it last night and I’m already following 60+ Fitness/Health Tumblrs and stayed on for a good 2 hours.


Where do YOU get your motivation? Maybe it’ll help me out!

After work today, it’s filled with packing for San Antonio, baking yummy goodies for people, and most importantly, working out.

Stay Positive & Think Good Thoughts!

Peace & Love.