Busy Fun Week + Halloweekend!

Craptastic. I wrote this whole thing ready to publish
and then Live Writer goes haywire on me!

I’ll try to make this go like it was suppose to.
This was suppose to be like last week’s post since y’all liked it so much
but this would probably mean once a week post …
I don’t know how I feel about that yet.



Taylor Swift’s album RED dropped.
Better believe it’s been played five billion times already.



Pumpkins were carved!
Lauren F. and I went over to Mallory’s and I carved my very first pumpkin.
Check off my Bucket List! It was oooey gooey and I loved it.
Guess which one is mine! Sadly ours got super moldy in like two days. 😦



Michelle’s going away dinner at Chuy’s with Stephanie.
Michelle is the new Lufkin reporter!
Cannot wait to see her new place!
She’s going to make it big one day!
The only picture of us three from that night … sorry.



Alyssa’s friend, Erin K.,
posted about Painting with a Twist
for a Cause … Relay for Life.
Hello, I’m all down for that. I threw in the big bucks and went!


I had a lot of fun.
Freaked out a lot thinking this is gonna be one ugly painting
but it came out pretty okay.


The people in the class were hilarious and fun to be around.
They were acting like little kids and Erin and I were the youngest ones there!
I’m already wanting to go back …


I baked for the coworkers that night regardless of how late it was.
We’ve been having a sluggish week at work.



After work nothing happened at all.
I’m pretty sure I slept for a good 20 hours. Jk.
I slept for 3 hours and painted this thing in less than however long Despicable Me is.
It’ll get better with more practice … hopefully.



Sally Hansen stick on nail things.
Sent on accident but got to keep!
Worked well with my costume: Skulls with pink glittery background.
Note to self and everyone else … put on a top coat.


Mallory’s birthday … plus Halloweekend!
Baked her a cake then headed to her place
where I met all her friends from college
who were watching the aTm game.
I drank out of an aTm cup to fit in …


I hadn’t celebrated her birthday with her since were where both seniors in high school.
Us then (graduation rehearsal).
Us now (last night).
We definitely look nothing like we use to …

And now just pictures from the night.


Girls getting ready: Liz, Mallory, Sarah, & Lyndsey


My date for the night, Sarah


Lyndsey, Ryan, & Andrew


Lyndsey, Sarah, Mallory, & I (we were fairies if you can’t tell)


Mallory, me, & Sarah

No matter what went down this has got to be one of my favorite Halloweekends ever.
I had a lot of fun.
One of the best Houston downtown nightlife experience as well.
Thanks Mal!

After such a fulfilling week
it’s gonna be a little sad going to my regularly scheduled days.
Hopefully I can still have some fun.

Have a great week ahead!


I thought I didn’t have a life … til this week happened. I was so ready to workout and blog everyday. You know … little changes.

But this week happened and though the workouts are still occurring, the blogging … not so much.

But I will make up for it. Promises. I’ve been crossing (or trying to cross) things off my bucket list! With help from some lovelies of course.

I was surprised I had friends … my mum as well. Seeing how I’ve gone out pretty much every “school night” this week.

P.S. If you haven’t heard Taylor Swift’s Red album yet, you’re missing out. Make sure to get the Target one … extra tracks. Sadly they’re on a different disc. Makes me mad cuz now I can’t listen to all the greatness in one sitting without moving.

P.P.S. Her “I Almost Do” is like my “I Want To” I wrote awhile back … great minds think alike I guess.

Next Door Bar & Lounge

My life is pretty boring. I would wish to be a stay at home blogger or some other job that is at home so I can enjoy life. But then the weekend comes and not much happens and I get bored out of my mind so … maybe at home job isn’t right for me either. Hmm … ever wonder what you’re doing with your life? Like you were going with the flow and now you feel … stuck? I feel like that sometimes because now I don’t know if it’s my life I’ve been wanting to live … or if it’s just living and we just have to deal.

Last week I went to Happy Hour with Mallory and her friend Samantha. Sam is such a friendly girl. I liked her from the get-go. Hopefully we’ll become great friends as time goes on!


Next Door Bar & Lounge
14714 Memorial Drive
Houston, TX 77079
(281) 493-0307

Berry Mimosa Frozen Carafe | $18

Mmm … all my friends know I’m a beer lover. Anything else is not up to par but this was actually very good. Tasted like juice meaning you can’t taste the alcohol. That carafe was enough for three glasses tall!

Hot Spinach Artichoke Dip [served with homemade tortilla chips] | $3

I wasn’t very happy with this at all. There was way too much cheese and not enough spinach or artichokes. Sad day. Don’t order it …

Harvest Flatbread [a vegetarian pizza with grilled eggplant, toasted red bell peppers, broccoli florets, feta cheese, and basil pesto marinara sauce] | $6

SO GOOD! Loved every bite. Can’t go wrong with anything basil pesto. Go here and order pronto!

Rustica Flatbread [jalapeno sausage, roasted red bell peppers, mushrooms, mozzarella, and marinara sauce] | $6

This was too spicy but it was still good nonetheless. I’m never a big fan of flatbreads aka pizzas but these were up to par.

Homemade Chips n’ Dip [served with jalapeno feta dressing] | $3

I was a little skeptical of the name of this dish … but it came out very well. The chips were paper thin and super crispy. In a way, melt in your mouth. They weren’t a fan of the jalapeno feta dressing but I loved the spicy tang. If I go here again, this is a MUST order.

I’m obviously not a food critic but this has seriously been one of my favorite happy hour places ever! With great company of course. 😉

Instagramed Weekend



Lunch with the coworkers and BossMan.
We went to La Madeline’s then Ooh La La Bakery.
Here we have the Red Velvet.
I wasn’t a great fan of it.
Pure sugar in the frosting and no taste in the cake part.


Happy Hour with the coworkers and BossMan.
My usual Guinness.
They know how to do it right here at The King’s Head Pub.
Lots of foam. YUM!



Day off = Dentist appointment.
Not a fan of any kinds of doctors.
Got an Asian Dentist … racists. jk.
Got my teeth cleaned and told that I need to extract all four of my wisdom teeth.
Scared. Need to set appointment. Ahh first surgery of my life.


Sonic run with June after Just Dance 3.
Pretty much ate back everything we burned.
I got a mini strawberry milkshake and almost didn’t finish.
I don’t know how people can do sweets like this.



Almost took this baby home.
A Chiuauaua mix.
He was the right height for running and right size to pick up and cuddle with.
Too hyper out of the kennel though and wasn’t potty trained.



Sissy & Brett came home to visit and brought Bruno Baby.
Can’t get enough of his cuteness.


Old school blood pressure measurer.
With mercury and everything.


Sunday night football … Texans lost.


Red Velvet Cake for Sissy’s early birthday celebration.
Soooo good. Better than Ooh La La.
We had Korean BBQ to celebrate as well.
No more Korean BBQ for a long while … haha

My life isn’t really crazy wild like others. Anyway, I hope this week is going well for all. We’re almost there! 😉

Reunion With Jared


via                                                                   via

I was mistaken when I thought the highlight of my weekend was going to lunch with Rose. Sorry Rose, I had a lot of fun with you but I never thought I’d see someone after 5 1/2 years had passed (or see Looper AND Pitch Perfect in one day. Go see it. It’s so dang good!).

Background Story: Jared and I met at lunchtime freshman year of high school. We became friends throughout those four years. Then college came. We went our separate ways. During freshman year of college we caught up a few times on Facebook (yay technology!) but we both got busy. It wasn’t until my last year of college we caught up on Facebook again. After I came back from Hong Kong and settled back into Houston we made plans that somehow always fell through. It made me think it would never happen.



Present Day: So imagine my surprise when I received a text from Jared at around 4:30pm that Friday asking to hang out. I was taking a nap or better yet … sleeping. When I woke up I didn’t check my phone and worked out instead. 30DS + 30 min run if you were wondering. By the time I did check my phone, it was 7pm … whoops. It’s not like I have anything to do so …

Come 10pm, while driving the 5 miles to the bar, I was excited but also very nervous. 5 1/2 years. We most definitely have changed a lot. We’re not who we use to be in high school. What if after today we realized we didn’t have as much in common as we use to? Did we ever have anything in common? What if we have that awkward silence? What if we won’t be friends anymore? Yep … I’m a big over thinker and worrier. Sorry, it’s who I am.



We had nonstop conversation flow and laughter. It’s like we started where we left off. 2 hours passed by super fast. These are the best when hanging out with anyone in my opinion. I thought it went well and he did say he had a good time. That’s good right? So I guess we’re still friends? I guess if we hang out ever again, I will know we’re still friends.

Have you ever met up or caught up with someone after so many years has passed? How did it go?

Thai House & Menchie’s

Ever hate having a WHOLE post written out and then stupid computer goes bizerk and shuts down the program.

Thanks … thanks a lot.

Friday, while at work, my sissy texted me this …


Ah yes … she went to Trader Joe’s without me!! Rude! She said only got veggies and wine and waiting for me to get the good stuff. Um .. that is the good stuff! But I guess cookie butter and whatnot is good too …

But whatever … I got to go to lunch with Rose that day so all that “I’m stuck at work” went away.


Thai House
1531 Eldridge Pkwy
Houston, TX 77077
(281) 493-0777

We both got the Chicken Pad See Ewe [chicken or pork stir-fried with rice noodle, egg, broccoli, and bean sprouts in sweet brown sauce] | $10.95

And since we ordered from the Lunch Menu, all you can eat appetizer buffet. I got the Hot & Sour soup, some sushi, veggie eggroll, curry potato fried dumpling, and spring roll.

Knowing we were going to get dessert after, we didn’t fill ourselves up and actually had a lot of leftovers.

But in reality … to me, they weren’t up to par with any other Thai food places I’ve been to. I think they were only busy because it was lunch hour. And maybe those people came because they were thinking it would be fast service. It wasn’t. The service was pretty bad (they came out with the wrong dishes for us at first so that took a while) and the food wasn’t that amazing. Maybe we came on an off day but I wouldn’t come here again.

Enter dessert …

1531 Eldridge Pkwy
Houston, TX 77077
(281) 759-9704

When I stepped foot into the store I knew I would love it … they were so organized and bright and happy! I got the red velvet, cake batter, and irish mint. I’m a less-fro-yo-more-topping type and oh em gee … they had the most toppings ever! All properly labeled and stored in their own pretty container! Rose is the opposite. More fro-yo less topping. She wasn’t a fan of some of the flavors she picked. In the end I loved it.


The spoons themselves were enough to make me happy. Just look how cute they are!

Since I’ve been home, I haven’t had many adventures and I thought that this would be it for my weekend.

Boy was I wrong …

Random Thursday



  • I really want to move to Colorado all because my blogger friends (we’re friends right?) along with real life friends who live there seem to love it. And because they almost always go hiking and camping and whatnot and take these breathtaking pictures. Oh and a plus … the cold. I would request a house with a porch all around it. Sitting in the cold with a hot cup of tea and a good book seems like the life. Maine seems like a good place as well … on the cold beach. Ahh yes.



  • I’m starting to like cheese and lunchmeat. What?! I know. I requested Mum to buy some and half the package of cheese is already gone … and that turkey meat … donezo. I like to wrap the cheese with lunchmeat inside. Minus the olives. I don’t like olives for sure. Pfft. It’s a phase. I’m sure I’ll be over it but for now … yummmm.
  • A friend of mine knows Jeff Schneeweis (I don’t know how to spell or SAY his last name. I had to look that up.) from the band Number One Gun … which brings me back to the time I use to listen to their music. I think it’s just a one man band now though. Their/his music and lyrics … so real and heartfelt. Christian bands makes the best music (eg. He Is We). I’m not religious so when I hear any type of Christian music I think of everything but God. The Best of You and Me is still my favorite which you can check out up above.



  • Currently reading the 2nd book of this series. I’m in love with it. I wish I was the main character. Even though she goes through some rough times it comes out so magical. Lame, I know. I finished Bridesmaid Lotto in less than a day … did I mention I was at work for most of it? Don’t worry, I finished my work first.


  • We even had time to decorate someone’s office for their birthday. Come Monday, he’ll be so surprised since he’s out for his birthday. hehe


  • And speaking of work, Rose and I talk on IM once in a while and she knows about my non existent love life and this is the great advice she gave me … along with practically everyone that’s ever talked to me about boys. Mmm … need to find a guy first. I have a lunch date with her tomorrow. Wonder what we will talk about then …

Okay … that’s enough bullets. I hope y’all have a great Friday!


It’s October! Not much is going on in October for me but it’s October nonetheless.

New month, new beginnings.

Therefore last night I texted him and asked if there was anyway we could still be friends in which he replied, “of course there is.” That was a relief. I’m certain it’s a little weird right now for him since we haven’t talked in so long. Since around the end of February. I realized that he never once made me unhappy and he always knew what to say to make me smile when I was sad. Those are the best friendships, right? And it’ll mean so much to me and make me so happy if I could have it back. Fingers crossed.


Anyway, today was my first day of training for this one software I will be using at work. And I got to do it at Halliburton! I felt like a real grown up going to training. But especially because it’s at Halliburton. Is that sad?

I’m a bit familiar with the program already so I felt I was back in computer class my senior year of high school. The teacher talks for a little bit and then you do the exercise out of the book. Easy peasy. Given I don’t know every detail about it … hence the class.


They have a cool break room that has unlimited drinks, coffee, fruits, breakfast, and desserts … and a gorgeous view.


I looked out that window during lunch. It was so peaceful. I didn’t want to leave and go back to class.


I also took some strawberries and a parfait while reading on my Kindle Fire.

I cannot wait till Wednesday when I go back to my usual schedule. The whole waking up late and coming home late isn’t doing well for me.

I hope y’all had a great Monday!