Random Thursday



  • I really want to move to Colorado all because my blogger friends (we’re friends right?) along with real life friends who live there seem to love it. And because they almost always go hiking and camping and whatnot and take these breathtaking pictures. Oh and a plus … the cold. I would request a house with a porch all around it. Sitting in the cold with a hot cup of tea and a good book seems like the life. Maine seems like a good place as well … on the cold beach. Ahh yes.



  • I’m starting to like cheese and lunchmeat. What?! I know. I requested Mum to buy some and half the package of cheese is already gone … and that turkey meat … donezo. I like to wrap the cheese with lunchmeat inside. Minus the olives. I don’t like olives for sure. Pfft. It’s a phase. I’m sure I’ll be over it but for now … yummmm.
  • A friend of mine knows Jeff Schneeweis (I don’t know how to spell or SAY his last name. I had to look that up.) from the band Number One Gun … which brings me back to the time I use to listen to their music. I think it’s just a one man band now though. Their/his music and lyrics … so real and heartfelt. Christian bands makes the best music (eg. He Is We). I’m not religious so when I hear any type of Christian music I think of everything but God. The Best of You and Me is still my favorite which you can check out up above.



  • Currently reading the 2nd book of this series. I’m in love with it. I wish I was the main character. Even though she goes through some rough times it comes out so magical. Lame, I know. I finished Bridesmaid Lotto in less than a day … did I mention I was at work for most of it? Don’t worry, I finished my work first.


  • We even had time to decorate someone’s office for their birthday. Come Monday, he’ll be so surprised since he’s out for his birthday. hehe


  • And speaking of work, Rose and I talk on IM once in a while and she knows about my non existent love life and this is the great advice she gave me … along with practically everyone that’s ever talked to me about boys. Mmm … need to find a guy first. I have a lunch date with her tomorrow. Wonder what we will talk about then …

Okay … that’s enough bullets. I hope y’all have a great Friday!

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