Reunion With Jared


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I was mistaken when I thought the highlight of my weekend was going to lunch with Rose. Sorry Rose, I had a lot of fun with you but I never thought I’d see someone after 5 1/2 years had passed (or see Looper AND Pitch Perfect in one day. Go see it. It’s so dang good!).

Background Story: Jared and I met at lunchtime freshman year of high school. We became friends throughout those four years. Then college came. We went our separate ways. During freshman year of college we caught up a few times on Facebook (yay technology!) but we both got busy. It wasn’t until my last year of college we caught up on Facebook again. After I came back from Hong Kong and settled back into Houston we made plans that somehow always fell through. It made me think it would never happen.



Present Day: So imagine my surprise when I received a text from Jared at around 4:30pm that Friday asking to hang out. I was taking a nap or better yet … sleeping. When I woke up I didn’t check my phone and worked out instead. 30DS + 30 min run if you were wondering. By the time I did check my phone, it was 7pm … whoops. It’s not like I have anything to do so …

Come 10pm, while driving the 5 miles to the bar, I was excited but also very nervous. 5 1/2 years. We most definitely have changed a lot. We’re not who we use to be in high school. What if after today we realized we didn’t have as much in common as we use to? Did we ever have anything in common? What if we have that awkward silence? What if we won’t be friends anymore? Yep … I’m a big over thinker and worrier. Sorry, it’s who I am.



We had nonstop conversation flow and laughter. It’s like we started where we left off. 2 hours passed by super fast. These are the best when hanging out with anyone in my opinion. I thought it went well and he did say he had a good time. That’s good right? So I guess we’re still friends? I guess if we hang out ever again, I will know we’re still friends.

Have you ever met up or caught up with someone after so many years has passed? How did it go?