I thought I didn’t have a life … til this week happened. I was so ready to workout and blog everyday. You know … little changes.

But this week happened and though the workouts are still occurring, the blogging … not so much.

But I will make up for it. Promises. I’ve been crossing (or trying to cross) things off my bucket list! With help from some lovelies of course.

I was surprised I had friends … my mum as well. Seeing how I’ve gone out pretty much every “school night” this week.

P.S. If you haven’t heard Taylor Swift’s Red album yet, you’re missing out. Make sure to get the Target one … extra tracks. Sadly they’re on a different disc. Makes me mad cuz now I can’t listen to all the greatness in one sitting without moving.

P.P.S. Her “I Almost Do” is like my “I Want To” I wrote awhile back … great minds think alike I guess.

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