I’m Slow But I’ll Finish


I just registered for my first 5k. Two to be exact. One is around Thanksgiving time (see how bad I am). The other is around New Year’s Eve (see how much I’ve improved).

Both expensive for my taste but both virtual. After doing last year’s 5k at school (walking it due to fracture) I figure it’s time to run one. It’s not at a location with a big group of people which is good for a beginner but this will push me to work hard at this and hopefully do a real race with real people running around me next year. I’m excited.

Plus it’s for a good cause. All proceeds go to a camp that serves terminally ill children.

And since I signed up, I’m up and running again today. Eek, it wasn’t a good 1.5 miles. But I will push through! I did some strength training after as well. This is only the beginning.


Coworker bought the Stella & Dot catalogue to work so I browsed through it. I want everything in it please. I wish I didn’t have big boobs sometimes because some necklaces do not work with them. TMI? Sorry I’m not sorry. And I wish I had ear holes. I guess I’d have to settle for the rings and bracelets whenever I have some money I can spend on things I don’t need.


My guitar string broke a while back and I’m still crying about it. I’m not great a restringing the guitar. Violin? Easy. Guitar? Not so much. It’s popped many times when I tried so I gave up. I think I’ll give it a try again. Wish me luck! Because I miss playing my songs!

Have a great upcoming Tuesday! 🙂

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