Thanksgiving Break was so amazing that I got lazy the week after trying to catch up to normal life again. It was great getting the family together again. Cannot wait for Christmas!


We went to Galveston on the 23rd for the lights. A lot of the lights were broken … But when they’re not, they’re as gorgeous as above.


Everyone went crazy and bought Powerball tickets. This would be the ones I bought with my coworkers. Sadly, none of us got to quit our jobs.


Got a Kid’s Meal from McDonalds … this is the size fries little kids get. I think that should be the size of SMALL fries adults should get when they order small fries. America gives out too much for their portions.


Popcorn … best snack on the planet. Best when watching movies with the fams!


Another wedding. I am so excited. I’ve known them since they both started college. And I will get to see a lot of people I haven’t seen in a long time. Happy dance.


This is just a view from a drive home.

Hopefully I’ll be posting more but I get tired around holidays now that I don’t get days off. Well I can get days off … I just didn’t. Figure since it’s my first year, I should work.

Happy Sunday!!

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