Christmas Wish List


Growing up, I don’t think we really made lists. We got what we got. Sometimes that would mean workbooks. Yes. Asians are serious about their studies.

It seems everyone have things they want for Christmas on their lists … not things they need.

I guess that’s the beauty of it. In hopes someone will actually give you what you want. Hmm …

So what are things I want but not need? I guess I’ll follow suit and make a Christmas Wish List.


Taylor Guitar …not sure which one I would choose but there are a few choices that I love and wish I had. If I could I’d want them all!


Shiba Inu but I guess any doggie that I find very super adorable will do.


Canon DSLR Camera … again not sure which one. I just really want to learn!


Graphic Design classes or video making classes. I like to learn stuff like that and I only have limited knowledge. Maybe even get a degree in it just for funsies.

What do you want for Christmas?

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