I Don’t Fit In – Emotional-ish Post

I love my job. My BossMan is awesome. Let me tell you why.

I feel grown up because I get to go to my first ever business trip in Janurary! It’s only at New Orleans for two days but what the hay! I get to not be in the office for two whole days! … and be in other people’s office and learn.

And if you didn’t know, I’m a contractor so we’re switching contractor companies so we can get better benefits. Win! Maybe a raise? 😉 But I highly doubt it since I only started a few months ago.

But okay here goes … I never really talk about stuff like this on my blog because I don’t like showing that I’m insecure. But we’re only human right? If you can help a sister out, mucho thanks.

I finally opened up to Mum about my unhappiness at my job. I mean, I love it obviously with how I praised about stuff up above but sometimes I feel very out of place. Like I don’t fit in. I bring my lunch to work every day because I cannot afford to buy every meal. They pay us really, really well but I have things that are more important then that. I sit at my desk and work and talk to no one unless they come to me. I don’t like butting into people’s business so if they have powwows I will only join if I was invited. I guess this makes me not a people person or that I don’t like to talk which is weird because I love to talk to people. Well, more like listen. When my friends or family ask how I like my job, my answer is almost always, “It’s good”, because how can I say, “Meh, it could be better.” I don’t like being asked things so the simpler the answer the better. I am hoping after this trip, I can feel like I fit in more. Maybe this is all in my head but who knows …

If you’ve gone through this before, give me some pointers. Please and thank you.

Watch this. It will melt your heart. Her dad passed away before her wedding so the important men in her life wanted to do something special for her for her wedding day.

Bride’s Special Dance from LaFrance Films on Vimeo.

If you didn’t get at least teary eyed, you’re not human. We can’t be friends anymore.

Anyway, help me with my dilemma if you can.

15 thoughts on “I Don’t Fit In – Emotional-ish Post

  1. I wish I could say I have advice but I don’t. My coworkers are all a lot closer because I am the newbie, they can spend money because they make more, etc. I feel like the odd man out, plus they are older. All I can say is hang in there, maybe connect with one of them and they can get you in. I hope you find some good advice from readers, I wish I could help more

  2. I think this is a pretty normal feeling. I bring my lunch every day too 😉 I think that if you can go to happy hour with your coworkers – even if it’s only once a month – that should help foster better friendships with them… and maybe try and start conversations with them, instead of waiting to be invited to their powwows. find things in common with them and then expand on that. that’s what i do at least – i just ask people lots and lots of questions until i feel like i know enough about them to gauge what we have in common and what we can comfortably talk about. once you get past that initial barrier it’s usually pretty easy to become more like friends who can BS about whatever 🙂 hope that helps!!

  3. Umm I didn’t just get teary eyed..tears FELL from my face!! That video was so sad/cute/adorable/amazing!! All I can say if you want to be more of a group with your coworkers is to DO IT! Put yourself out there and have fun!!

  4. I remember this article way back: http://articles.cnn.com/2009-02-25/living/cb.fit.in.at.work_1_gender-gap-fit-commercial-litigation-attorney?_s=PM:LIVING

    i think maybe you’re just a newbie and still young compared to most of the other coworkers. the transition from college to the professional arena can be different sometimes. when i started i was the youngest person for the longest time. everyone talked about their spouses and their kids A LOT. just be yourself and open up and people will see you for who you are!

  5. you shouldn’t feel bad about bringing lunch !!!!! ain’t no shame in eating healthy and saving monies!

    i’m just going to put it as it is and i hope i don’t sound harsh, i am only trying to help!
    you can’t say “i don’t want to leave my desk to go talk to other people” or “i don’t want to join in a pow wow” and expect to “fit in.” it’s like not exercising at all and saying you’re out of shape. if you want something, you got to DO IT!

    you should start asking people how their weekend was, what exciting weekend plans do they have, or just a simple “hey how’s it going?”
    you can also start a convo by asking people say, what’s their fav restaurant, bar, place for live music, etc…or ask them about their kids, etc.!

    if you don’t want to go out to lunch with people, maybe you can get coffee with people sometimes.

    don’t feel bad about joining people’s pow-wows! if i am thinking about joining but feel awkward, what i do is i happen to “walk by there,” “get a piece of paper there,” etc. and kind of eavesdrop lol. if they are talking about a music you also like you can chyme in there, or a restaurant they’re considering eating at you have good recommendations for them…if you eavesdrop a little when you are considering joining a convo, you can decide whether it’s a topic you would feel comfortable talking about and not feel awkward! i mean, i know i definitely would feel awkward if people were talking about hunting and i was trying to chyme in the convo- because i know NOTHING about hunting and have absolutely nothing to contribute to the convo…

    hope that helps!

      • oh i don’t mean eavesdropping in a creepy way, i mean if you happen to walk by or something and they’re talking about music you can be like what kind of music are you talking about?

        but, if you feel uncomfortable just asking, you could linger around a little longer and see what SPECIFIC bands they’re talking about and maybe decide whether you want to chyme in.
        lol i don’t think it’s too creepy! i mean, if it’s a heavy personal convo i think it will be apparent, in those cases i DEF do NOT suggest eavesdropping!
        lol i meant when it is a group of people who are obviously chatting casually and laughing it up!

  6. ps i got another tip for you! you should definitely bring cookies or some baked goods into work sometime! instead of having it at the common table with a note, you should go around everyone’s desk with your box of goodies and ask them if they’d like some! that’s surely a good way to start a friendship 😉

    you can start with that first, and THEN ask them how their weekend was, etc. (either at the same time or next time)- that’ll surely make it more comfortable talking to them!

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