6 Months

Today marks half a freaking year … since I’ve been at my big girl job. I’ve met some amazing people that’s made me grow. In my work life AND personal life. I’m glad I have a pretty good balance. Sometimes I focus on work too much and give up my friends but they’re all some amazing friends that understand. Best friendships.

How did I celebrate?



I did a second round for the week of the Jessica Simpson’s Duke of Hazzard Workout.

Who wouldn’t want that body? Ughh … dreaming.

It was harder this time around since I was already sore but no big deals. I beasted that shiet.

I at least got to watch a movie while doing so.

A Little Bit of Heaven … Kate Hudson’s in it … and she has cancer.

Sad movie but it was pretty good. Crying while working out because of a sad movie is the new big thing!

Random talk: Why do random people I don’t know keep trying to add me on Facebook? Facebook is getting creepy and it makes me sad.

And I’ll end this post with this.



It’s bitty legs.

Hope y’all had a Happy Hump Day!