[2013] 003/365: The Good and The Bad


The Good: We decorated one of our coworker’s office today. It’s her birthday but she took the day off. She will be surprised! Or maybe she knew it was coming? Over the hill. Hence the black streamers coming down. Teehee.

And the best popcorn ever. Any kind of white cheddar popcorn is my favorite. I especially love when my fingers turn powered white. YUM! I got this from the blood center and made it my snack today. Best. Idea. Ever. If you buy me popcorn, we’d be best friends. Not the caramel sweet, sticky, dessert like popcorns though, please and thank you.

The Bad: On a sadder news, a coworker of mine had a minor heart attack (I believe) this morning and had to be rushed to the hospital. It was pretty scary because you’d never think to see that happen. At least we had a good system and got here there in time.

Samantha sucked me into watching Doctor Who? on Netflix. Little bit of scary but a little bit of curiosity makes me continue watching. Therefore, I’m signing off and watching another episode … or two … before nighty night.