[2013] 004/365: Sweets Galore


Oh boy. Today was a very sweet day.

First we got our Girl Scout Cookies. 2 boxes of Thin Mints. 2 boxes of Shortbread. I’m thinking they will go well with baking. But we shall see.

Went out to lunch with some coworkers for a birthday. Thai House on Eldridge if you’re ever in Houston. So YUM! Then we had the cake I baked last night for a coworker’s birthday got gobbled up. Chocolate on top of chocolate.

A sweet surprise landed in our mailbox. Body Central. Sissy and I shop all the time online and this is just another one of our goodies. Fun Funs!

Do you shop online? It’s starting to be a problem for me. Time to cut myself off!

Valentine’s Day tomorrow! What are your plans?! I have a date … with one of my good friends, Samantha! We are going to have a girl’s night. Can’t wait for simple relaxation. Yippee!