[2013] 013/365: Packages & Mail


Arrived home with two packages.

One which is in that sparkly pink pouch that many people know of. If you know what it is, I’m giving them another chance to redeem themselves. I’ll write a little something about it soon.

I also got doggie cookies for the doggies. A lot of it has been crushed. Bad packaging. Sad day. Doggies still enjoyed the one I split for them.

I also did a Mud Mask!! It’s not the kind you smear on, but the fabric kind. It felt very refreshing. Ahhh … loves!

I love lazy nights after such a long week at work.

But what was better was coming home with sissy already there! Happy Day!

Cannot wait for tomorrow night! I get to see my Powerpuff Girls! Yippee!

4 thoughts on “[2013] 013/365: Packages & Mail

  1. I gave them a second chance too, and I love the pants I got. The top was too big, so I am getting another one..once again..without having to send the other one back! I LOVE MAIL!

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