[2013] 018/365: Memories Live On

I’m really sucking on this 365 … I think I might scrap it.

But surprisingly I’ve made time every day to update. That’s got to mean something, right?

Maybe I’ll stop after 30 days … we’ll see.


This is currently one of the walls of my office.

First two are from Julia & Noel’s wedding.

The next four is with sissy when we went to a bridal expo.

The one after that … work from Go Texan Day.

And well the last one is a Christmas card from one of the ladies at work. My first legit family photo Christmas card. I love it!

Every day almost every day I look at this wall and am reminded of the people around me. Given it’s some of the same people in some pictures (I haven’t printed any of my own), I think back the days of when we took those pictures. It’s nice to have some homey memories when work get tough.

I need more pictures to put up! Who wants to do some photo booth pictures with me please and thank you?

Hump Day is almost over. Tomorrow is my Friday. Ahh … I cannot wait.

Think Good Thoughts.