[2013] 019/365: Best Probably Unhealthy Snack Ever

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I had a Hong Kong snack day at work today. The best memories ever. I’m not sure how healthy it is for you … but who cares. The seaweed isn’t like the ones from sushi. It’s much crispier. So much yummier.

We use to drink this Lemon Tea when we were little kiddos back in Hong Kong. When we moved to America, we were so happy that they sold it here. We rarely bought it because it’s not that great for you but the times that I do … oh my. I only like Lemon Tea from Hong Kong. The way they make it here just isn’t right.

The seaweed on the other hand was introduced to me by Rachel this past summer. I was a little hesitant to try it but once I did I knew I was hooked. If you have this selling anywhere near you, you need to try it pronto.

I just want to go back to Hong Kong. Who’s down to go with me?

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My after workout face. Haven’t taken a selfie in a while. Hair is ratchet. I hate that word but it’s true. I’m wearing my Ellie top if you can’t tell. 😉

Below was my dinner. I love this soup. I made it all throughout college. Water, cabbage, tofu, and Chinese meatballs (or just plain chicken breasts). I got Jenny making it to when we lived together. Oh college. Seemed like years ago.

Workouts have been going well. Come on perfect bod! haha jk.

Hump day tomorrow. FINALLY!

12 thoughts on “[2013] 019/365: Best Probably Unhealthy Snack Ever

  1. I am stoked that you workouts are going great!! I also am loving that hair, seriously I wear mine the same. I love it. The wasabi seaweed from TJ’s is yummm.

  2. I will join you on a trip to Hong Kong ANY day! Tell me when, and I’ll pack my bags. 😉 Seriously though, I’ve always wanted to visit China–especially Hong Kong. How often do you visit?

    I’m a huge fan of seaweed snacks, and usually buy several packages when I go to Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s. Those little sheets are so addicting!

    • DEAL! haha I hadn’t been back in almost 15 years due to school and work. I finally got to go when I graduated this past May for a month in the summer. Best feeling ever. I love it so much! You should try this seaweed if you have the chance. So much better than the other ones … but probably eat one every few months. I don’t know how good it is for you since it’s in korean …

  3. That is cool about the Lemon Tea!! Is that like sweet tea? It’s crazy how there are different foods in different countries and when other countries try to replicate them they are just not the same. As close as I’ve come to seaweed is sushi! I may like it better in soup. Is sushi popular in Hong Kong?

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