Company Socials

I think I’m dropping the 365 .. no one cares so it doesn’t matter. And if you care well … it’s my blog. And I’ll still try to update every day like I have since 19 days ago. Eeps.


There was a birthday celebration at work today. (When do we NOT have one …) Cake had polka dots that I find super cute so I snapped a picture of it. The cake on the other hand was meh. The fudge in the middle was almost 2 inches thick and was hard. Not fun. Not a fan. Everyone else liked it though.

20130306_182327 (1)

Tonight we had a company social in Midtown. I hate driving so driving while there’s traffic? Hate it even more. I found this though which I have seen other times on other people’s facebooks. Thought I’d snap it as a reminder to everyone to be yourself. Sorry for the bad quality … I was trying to drive.

PicMonkey Collage (1)

We had sangria and lots of food. Here is the sangria with paella. Mmmm … I love company socials. Not because we get free food … that’s just a plus. It’s just great to meet new people and to get to know the ones you work with and see everyday.

Since no one from my team went this time, I got to meet and get to know more people. I wasn’t tied down with the ones I work with. More free if you will.

Anyway, tomorrow I have to wake up super early to shower. That is definitely not happening today. I will comment back and read all the blogs tomorrow!

And since I had a social tonight, I didn’t get a chance to workout. Don’t worry though. I changed my Saturday off with today. Gotta make it up.

Two more days. We can do it!