Random Things Thursday



Update on Evening Primrose Oil.
I’m not sure if my skin is better but I do feel my eczema is better.
Sissy said it might be a placebo effect but I’d like to believe it’s the real thing.
Even mum says it’s cleared up a little!
I’m going to keep up the pill popping and hope it clears completely!

20130306_224227 (1)

I got business cards from my contractor company.
I’m not sure what it’s for since um … I don’t pass out business cards.
I’ve had so many other ones in the past and people ask me who I give them to.
My reply: my mum. How sad. (Sorry … can’t tell you where I work.)



I didn’t want to get out of the shower this morning. It felt so nice.
I had a fear of freezing too death getting out.
40 degrees in March. That’s not right … even if I love the cold.
This is why I shower at night …



I was down to my last tablespoon of PB2 at work …
and I added too much water.
I had to dip my apple slices. Sad day.



I haven’t sprained or twisted my ankle in a while now working out!!
And now that I’ve put that out there, it might just happen.

Everyone’s going off to Spring Break tomorrow. I am jealous.
I wish I actually took the opportunities to go party during that time.
Nope … now it’s too late. Happy Thursday guys!

6 thoughts on “Random Things Thursday

  1. try getting out of the shower when it’s -30 degrees out. definitely do not even wanna get in the shower in the first place

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