Tell It Like It Is

  • There’s been very little traffic, if any. Thank you, Spring Break.
  • Speaking of Spring Break, it’s too cold to even be Spring Break. But since I don’t have it anymore, I don’t even care. I love 50s-60s weather!

20130312_093936 (1)

  • Brother sent this pic to me this morning. Eeps. That musta been a big ass rock. Mum said his face got scratched too. Glad he’s okay!
  • When someone asks you a question, you answer it. Then they go and ask someone else. It’s like “Oh sorry, your answer sucks.” Too bad I was right!
  • Fake people. Just stop.
  • When people break rules and get called out by others. Then those said others do the same. Can you say hypocrite?
  • Too many birthdays at the workplace this month. Cake galore. Good thing I am not a lover of ‘em.