Green Beer!

For the longest time I was wondering why our house was so dang hot. It was still set to heater. Yuck. I don’t even like the heater to begin with.

IMG_20130317_145213 (1)

Samantha and I got our green (Blue Moon) beers! Finally got it after hearing about it all this time. Not anything special but it’s just awesome being able to do something festive for once. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

We even watched that OZ movie. It was really good. Better than I thought it would of been.

There was a rude guy sitting next to us though. I’m very certain he was there for his two kids but seriously, taking out your laptop during the movie? Not okay.

There’s going to be something amazing on the blog this upcoming week. I’m not sure which day I’ll post it yet but it’ll be this week for sure. Keep your eyes out for that post. You wouldn’t want to miss it! 😀