Thanks … No Thanks

I’m thankful I’ve never had to think about how much a car battery costs and just went and bought one when I needed it. A friend of mine had to get his car jumped every time he wanted to go somewhere because his battery died. I wish I could of helped him … but I felt I was bothering him instead. Glad he was finally able to get a new one.



I am NOT thankful to hear someone from my graduating high school class has passed away. We had way to many people in our school so I didn’t know him but the posts I see all over Facebook shows he was a good man. His family & friends are in my thoughts.



I’m thankful I was able to stand for 18 hours this past weekend for those that can’t. I believe I was born to help others.



I am NOT thankful for these monthly headaches that won’t go away for a good few days. The pain is always in the same place. If I throw up, it goes away. I’m trying not to soooo we will see how it goes.



I’m thankful for technology. I just found out Justin & Leah are officially engaged! It was a long time coming and it’s wonderful I can know about it so many miles away! I feel old. And super single.



Finally Friday … no work for me. Hello weekend. Weekend of laziness.

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