At Cloud Cafe … caramel latte in hand. Channeling F.R.I.E.N.D.S. … or in this case, Amy Pohler.

When I told my Mum where I was for almost over 2 hours on Friday she said “Aw, how sad … you were there for 2 hours and NO ONE came up to you.” That’s her way of saying I’ll be single for life. Thanks, Mum.

Whatever. Coffee shops are for coffee and blogging. Obviously.

Mum gave me a shake of her head when I told her I was headed to the coffee shop to blog. Yes. I’ve become one of those people. Those people … what a joke. This would only be my second time doing this. Maybe after 50 or so times I can say I’m a regular coffee shop blogger.

Miss Co-Owner remembered who I am. So that was pretty awesome. She told me Open Mic Night was very successful to where they were opened til 11pm! Whoo! That’s amazing. I need to find a friend to check it out next time. Any takers?

Sorry. I’ve been going on about coffee shops for a while.


Point of post: Feedly. My alternative to Google Reader. I’ve been using it for the past few days and though there are some glitches (possible user error) I love everything about it.

Internet dating is a possible future for me … since I can’t find anyone in a coffee shop.

The layout is cleaner than Google Reader. And I love that on the right side there’s a list of stuff In My Feedly. It does annoy me though that sometimes things aren’t in alphabetical order because they put the unread blogs on the top of the list. ANNOYS ME. But I can live with it.

Check it out. Love it like me. You won’t regret it.

I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday. Another long day of work ahead but we’ll live through it. We always do.

Till then,

Stay Positive. Think Good Thoughts.

7 thoughts on “Feedly

  1. I tried Feedly too but ultimately stuck with BlogLovin’. They both definitely had their pros and cons though! I wish Google Reader would just stick around… ):

    • agreed. they wanna be better but they are deleting all the GOOD stuff! I wanna see an example of BlogLovin’ but they only have a vid of a drawing … what’s different and why did you chose that instead? or is that too long of an answer? haha

  2. I’ve become one of “those people,” too! Coffee shop bloggers represent. 😉 Actually, in my case it’s more like Whole Foods blogger. I live there. I study there. I blog there. The staff knows me by name. I wouldn’t have it any other way, though…I mean, unlimited access to food, coffee, and free wifi? Can’t beat it.

    I haven’t tried Feedly yet! Glad to hear you’re liking it. 🙂 Hope you had a great weekend! ❤ xoxo

  3. I have been thinking about Feedly. I really want a web-based browser because I sort of, um, read blogs at work and can’t download anything to my work computer…shh… 😉

    You should totally try internet dating! I know a couple of people who have found great relationships that way. If I’m ever single again, that’s totally what I’m doing. It seems so much more efficient!

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