It’s Friday!

Best title ever … I know. I am sweating. TMI? Sorry. The weather is getting ridiculous. What is this 81 degree weather that feels like it’s 90? I have a black car so it doesn’t help matters. *sigh* I think I need to move up north.


Ironically, this is what I’m doing … Y’all must be getting sick of this scene but I am in heaven. I feel weird coming here 4th week in a row. They must think I’m a creeper. But … I have a Groupon.













Happy Friday y’all!!

8 thoughts on “It’s Friday!

  1. The dog at the end – that has totally happened to my dog. We used to get him a huge rawhide bone thing for Christmas every year. It’s too long to fit through the doorway to our living room, so after he’d “open” it, he’d try to take it into another room.. ya know, to hide it from us. But he couldn’t fit. It took him a couple tries, but he eventually figured out that if he put it on the ground, he could drag it through the door. Such a smart dog! Thanks for my little trip down memory lane hahah.

  2. Holy heat wave, I would die hahah. OH MY GOSH those letter blocks had me dying, especially with that note!! That is so funny and I am totally doing that with my kids haha. Also that dog with the stick…priceless.

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