“Bad Day, Bad Day”



It’s Monday … and everyone knows what a shitty day Monday can be. You know that Jackie Chan Adventures show that use to be on? It seems I’m channeling that today. “Bad Day, Bad Day.”

Oy vey. I tend to keep things positive because I don’t like being all Negative Nancy and I rarely talk bad about work if ever but it really got to me today.

I cannot take it when bosses play favorites.


The kind of music I listen to when I’m unhappy. Sad songs. ha Anyone else use Songza? It’s pretty sweet. I have it on my Android. Loveeeee it!

IMG_20130429_162351 (1)

Receiving this right after work couldn’t have come on a better day. Thank you for friends like these. I won’t be able to make it to her graduations but fingers crossed I can go to her party whenever she’s making it. Yeah yuhh! She is so smart. Look at everything she’s graduating with!!



And on an even happier note … Happy 2nd Anniversary Will & Kate!!

Hopefully the rest of this week will be better. Fingers crossed. (Should be since Bruno is staying for a week!!) There’s always a bad day out of the week, eh?

Happy Monday to the rest of y’all!