Not Just Any Other Workday


My work had a crawfish boil today. They blocked out 12-4pm for us so we could enjoy crawfish, burgers, and whatnot. We drove to a park where they hired people to cook for us. Look at that giant pot hitched to the back of a truck. That’s how we do it in Texas …


Pile of critters. It was great getting to mingle with people outside of my team and talk to those that we work with but rarely see. When 1:30pm hit, everyone was practically done. Bossman told us to get the eff out and don’t return to the office. Um … ksweet.


Zuco and I had plans to go shopping but being able to go earlier and get done earlier … score! Look at all her bags of goodies!!



This was one of the only things I bought. (The other was eyeliner.)

Original price: $69.99.
Clearance: $50.
Birthday Month: $10 off.

Wayyyy cheaper than it should be. Great to wear to workkkkkkkkk!


Got my free birthday gift from Sephora! I thought it was funny they made a video but it’s cute and so thoughtful. I looooooooove Benefit a lot so it was a perfect match!!


When I saw this on my feed after shopping, I about had a heart attack. Someone actually reads my blog … and remembers something from it! Shout out to the amazing Rachael from Happy Healthy Runner. Love her! She has found my spot!



Plus on top of all that, I got a call from the lovely Samantha who I haven’t seen in a while. She wanted to tell me she found an apartment with an extra room aka the study. Pretty much saying I have a place to stay if I ever want to just get away from home or sleepover. Great friend who thinks about me. Love her to death.

Sorry for the jumbled mess of a blog post. I have to get ready for my Skype date with the lovely Patricia and hopefully Gary and Shayna.

10 thoughts on “Not Just Any Other Workday

  1. The funny thing is that I drive that way all the time – I have friends that live in an apartment complex near there, but I never noticed Cloud Cafe until yesterday! We should meet for coffee one night! Sure, I’ll have to order decaf, otherwise I won’t sleep, but that’s all in the details 😉

  2. LOL! You’ve made that cafe famous!
    And yaaay for birthdays and free birthday goodies! That’s the only reason I sign up for most of the membership/email lists that I do. (:

  3. I love that your office throws crawfish parties! Are they looking to hire anyone else? I can provide chocolate chip cookies for dessert! 😉

    Cute boots! I’m a huge fan of Sephora’s birthday gift; it always contains such great products! I spy They’re Real mascara– my favorite!

    Hope you’ve had a great week, girl! Happy almost-Friday! ❤

    • hahaha I am sure they’re always hiring people since it’s a big company .. but you would have to live in houston. hot sweaty weather. 😉 then we can be best friends? yes? k deal. They’re Real is what I really wanted! if I love it enough, I’ll put out some dough for the big tube. 😛 happy weekend beautiful!

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