Dogs, Wine, and Random Things

Jenny and I have had Krypto all semester pretty much. Sadly, he’ll be leaving us next semester so that we can focus on our studies more since we should both be graduating.

2011-11-21 00.08.54

Super blurry ugly picture I just took. Smile

But Jenny and I always make it a habit to go to PetLand once in a while.

Last Saturday, we went. Look who we found!

2011-11-12 14.22.49

Look at him all chill and stuff.

He’s a Shiba Inu. A dog Jenny and I have been wanting since the end of time. We go crazy when we see one.

Sadly they cost as much as $1300 if not more.

We bid farewell to him and went home.

Later that night, Jenny wanted to open her bottle of wine. We don’t own a corkscrew so she went and YouTubed a video a while back and saw a method of opening it.

You can open a wine bottle with a shoe?!


We also saw that you can open it with a book … we tried that method first. (These pictures aren’t the best ….)

2011-11-12 21.55.582011-11-12 21.59.37

The book method. The book on the table is not the same as the one Jenny’s holding. It was too heavy for her. Winking smile

2011-11-12 22.01.452011-11-12 22.07.59

The book method failed us. So we went and used the shoe method … then changed and used the towel method. Pretty much it all involved us pounding it against the wall.

2011-11-12 22.09.44

She resulted in knifing that in the end. Yet we still couldn’t get it to work.

We had to go over to the guys for help. (Funny story: They heard the pounding and thought someone was trying to break into someone’s house! haha)

Travis and I laughed while Jenny and A.V. tried hard to get that cork INTO the bottle instead of out just so they could taste that wine.

Let’s just say … too much pressure so it sprayed everywhere. But Jenny got her wine!

On Wednesday Katrina and I hung out a little before a benefit night.

2011-11-14 16.45.31

Don’t know if you can make out the words on the floor. It says “Kat” and “Mel”. Teehee

2011-11-16 18.22.17

We went to Walgreens so she could print out some pictures. While we waited, we walked around. Uhh what are these? Weird looking … scary, actually, is more like it.

2011-11-16 18.20.28

We also came across this. Is this really what kids are playing nowadays?! “Monster High”? Sounds about right … it looks like she’s holding a marijuana fan … horrible. Plus, look at the clothes she’s wearing … or not wearing. And her sickly skinny figure shows kids what the society wants them to look like. HORRIBLE!

2011-11-17 22.41.58

On Thursday I finally finished the week off strong. No more projects or presentations so I spent time with Jenny and her friend and painted while watching The Country Network. So Fun!

A very random post for a very busy week. Smile

UTSA’s Inaugural Football Game Day

Whooo! Yesterday college football kicked off.

For people of UTSA, it was the first ever football game.

We started with Tailgating. We weren’t really sure how to do one but whatever we did, it worked.


Some of the people at the FTK tailgating.

FSA was next to us which makes it easier for me to go back and forth. No pictures with them though. Whoops. Next time, next time.

After sweltering in the heat, we headed to stand in line to enter the Alamodome.


I got to sit in the second row of the lower level. Sadly, we were put by the goal. Maybe next time I can sit on the side to get better view.


Football players practicing. Cheerleaders … not cheering. Just kidding .. I don’t know what they’re doing here but it’s better than them trying to pull of stunts. In my opinion, they need more practice.


The guy cheerleaders, I applaud. They were amazing. Found a cutie too. On the right you can see our inaugural marching band. Couldn’t really hear them but when they faced our way, we could.


Fireworks and sparklers. The players run onto the field.

Look at all the people. Can you see it?!


The game begins. As you can see, we didn’t completely sell out. But still. That is a lot of people.


This is my side of the world. We’re all sorts of filled up.


We had some birds somehow end up on the Alamodome. It was funny because when a play was going on on the opposite side, the birds would still be there pecking at the grass thinking it’s real. Wish those poor birdies get help soon. They’re going to starve!


That’s the number of seats that were filled! And it’s JUST our first game! We made a new record!!

South Florida set the mark on September 6, 1997 with 49,212 people.

We beat them by 7,531 people!!

That’s one of the of the things we are most proud of that day.


Our mascot, the Roadrunner, petting on a cop’s head.


We won!! 31 to 3!! The crowd goes wild!!


And they run the field.

I would of done it since I was sitting on the second row but I had the fear of falling on my face and embarrassing myself.

I almost got pushed over. That would have been embarrassing as well.

And if you look closely, you can see some people getting arrested.

They warned us not to run the field so the first one they could catch, they did. I believe they caught 3 guys. Then a guy stripped down to his boxers, and of course, he was caught.


The group that sat together. FTK and friends! Whoo!!

Afterward, I went back home and showered. I sweated a lot and needed a nice long shower. Mmm, felt so good.

Then Travis and A.V. came and got me and we headed to Maira’s house to celebrate. I met her parents and her friend Laura.

We had pizza, made fun of one another, played pool, sang and danced to songs, played that game where you push a disk across, listened to music and talked, and you know, usual hang out kind of things.

It was very laid back and I loved it.

The thing I loved most is her dogs. Joey, Charlie, and Jack. They are so cute! Makes me miss Rocky, Pluto, and Krypto.

It was a good experience and to be there for the first one ever?! Priceless. And can’t wait for the next one. It should be better since I don’t have to work at the tailgate. Whoo!

I’ve been lazy all day and I love it.

Did you cheer on a college football team? Did they win? If not, what’d you do?!

Fun Friday

I went to my Finance lab today (Friday) and my oh my it was BORING!

If you don’t know the basics to excel and you’re a business major … it’s not acceptable. Especially because we all grew up with computers and internet.

I’m mean, I know.


I went home and cleaned a little then headed back on campus for the two hour weekly FTK (For The Kids) meeting. This was our first official Friday weekly meeting. We got A LOT of things accomplished so that’s good.

Went home and relaxed for literally two seconds, and Travis and A.V. came banging on my door. We headed back to campus to pick up Maira and we headed to H-E-B.

Maira and I had planned to do dinner at my place for today and decided we should invite Travis and A.V. Bought our ingredients and made our foods. It was a pretty long process but I had fun. I hope they did too.


Spaghetti (the pasta) made by Travis. The pasta sauce by Maira. Chicken Parmesan by Maira and A.V. and I. And raw spinach. Whoops. Apparently I didn’t help much but I was washing everything that came into the sink.

A clean kitchen is a happy Melissa. When I eat at someone’s house, I end up helping clean up and washing dishes and stuff. I just don’t like when a kitchen is messy. It grosses me out. But a lot of times, they kick me out. At least I try, right?

The food was so yummy! We couldn’t finish any of the foods we made. We made too many. When you’re at Melissa’s, there’s always leftovers.


Maira and I made the cupcakes. Chocolate to be exact. Maira, Travis, and A.V. slathered colored vanilla frosting on top while I washed the rest of the dishes.


See! Hard at work. They might get angry I put their picture up here. Whoops.


This was the only cupcake I frosted. Pretty?Winking smile Just plain vanilla frosting with blue sprinkles.


We all frosted this one. Cutes? Yeah … it’s pretty ugly.

Afterward, we watched Hot Tub Time Machine. I didn’t like it the first time I watched it but this time around, it wasn’t as terrible. Kind of funny actually. Guess the people you watch it with makes all the difference.

Sadly I didn’t get to do my Superset 3. I will make it up tomorrow when I do Superset 4. Promise! My arms and tummy feels like it did work from Wednesday. That has to count for something right?

Tomorrow (Saturday) is UTSA’s first ever Football game! I have to wake up at 6:30am and head to campus to meet some friends, get to the Alamodome by 8 am and set up for tailgating. I have to work the first one for FTK. Ahh excitingness!Surprised smileOpen-mouthed smileSmileRolling on the floor laughing

Time to relax until I fall asleep.

I hope your week went well!!




A Walk to Remember

Today was super crazy. At 6-8pm we had an FTK Open House so I got there at 5:30 pm to help set up!

I worked the Merchandise table and sold a bunch of stuff! Whoo!

I came home with two FTK shirts, two UTSA Rec towels, one Gatorade towel, and two Gatorade bottles. You know. The ones that athletic people use. Cool huh? It was FTK Clearance sell and not buying some of these things would be dumb on my part.

I came home and heated up my food. As I’m about to sit down to eat and watch my Chinese soaps, my phone rings.

It’s brother bear! aka Travis, my next door neighbor. I’ve known him for a little over a year now. I haven’t seen him for three months. (That should be a crime.)

He said he and A.V. were knocking on the door. Whooooops. I cannot hear the front door from my room (which I love!).

I opened the door and he’s holding this!

He bought this movie to surprise his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day so they could watch it. It’s her favorite and he knew she already has this movie so he’s been meaning to give it to me … and did … finally!!

I’m excited to watch this again. I love this movie! Do you like this movie? If your answer is no, I don’t know if we can be friends anymore.

Then they made me go eat Whataburger with them so I put up my food. Happy I got to catch up with them!Open-mouthed smile


Fitness Magazine’s Superset 2 …CHECK!

3 sets of 12 reps of the Preacher Curl and 3 sets of 12 reps of the Diamond Push-Up.

The Preacher Curl was easy peasy. Seriously need to get heavier weights. Maybe I can get someone to send down the other ones for me from home.

The Diamond Push-Up was killer. I felt it right away with my right arm. It got tougher every single time I went down. But I pushed through it. I definitely feel it in both my arms. Right more then left of course.

Do you feel the burn faster in one arm than the other? Is that normal? I want to know if I’m doing it incorrectly and that’s the reason why.

It’s been a stressful day so seeing Travis & A.V. was good. Now I’m all tired and lazy and don’t want to read for class. Not good. Not good at all.Confused smile

Thai Dee Restaurant

Who loves Thai food?! I do! I do!

Jenny’s sister, Tammy, came down to visit so we including A.V. went to:

Thai Dee Restaurant
5307 Blanco Road
San Antonio, 78216
(210) 342 – 3622

Ain’t that fancy? Water in a wine glass …. with a straw. Cute.

Tammy ordered Crab Rangoons with Special Sauce. I felt there was too much cream cheese but then again I’m not a great fan of cheese but it was decent. I really liked their special sauce.

Jenny ordered Tom Kha. I’m not sure what’s in it other than there’s coconut juice. I’m not a fan of coconut but I couldn’t taste it in this. It was actually really good. I would go and order this again.

I ordered the Fried Wontons with Special Sauce. There wasn’t much meat and I wasn’t a big fan but the special sauce got me and made it delicious. I liked their wrapper though.

Jenny, Tammy, and I got the Pad Thai. Jenny got hers with tofu (very moist and delicious) while Tammy and I got the chicken. Mine and Tammy’s was dry and when I say dry, I don’t mean the chicken. I mean the whole plate. What?! It was not a good experience. I poured a lot of special sauce from my fried wontons on here. I did manage to finish it though.

A.V. got some kind of fried rice but I didn’t manage to get a picture or a taste. I’m pretty sure it was delicious.

If I ever want Thai food again, I don’t think I would choose this place. They have dim lighting and great atmosphere but the food was not up to par. Maybe we went on a bad night?

Golden Wok

A.V. and I got hungry during dinner time last night and he felt like Chinese food so we decided to go here:

Golden Wok
8822 Wurzbach
San Antonio, TX 78240
(210) 615 – 8282

We both started out with the Hot & Sour Soup [chicken, crabmeat, bamboo shoots, black mushrooms, tofu, and egg prepared in a rich spicy chicken broth] | $3.49. When you go to some Chinese restaurant the seem to mess this up but this place has some good soup. I would go back for this whenever I crave this type of soup.

We then continued to our entrees. I got the Singapore Noodles [thin rice noodles stir-fried with cabbage, carrots, scallions, bell pepper, and egg with curry flavor with beef] | $9.29.  You could get it with chicken, shrimp or scallops or a combination of all for $9.99. This tasted like what I have at home usually. Nothing too special. I would go here to get this again if I ever crave it though.

A.V. got the Sesame Chicken [chicken with sesame] | $8.29. It came with steamed rice. The chicken was really juicy on the inside. Pure white. So good!

It’s not as great as the Chinese Restaurants back in Houston of course but if I was to crave Chinese food, I would go here to at least have part of my taste buds satisfied.

Alamo Cafe

The reason I came back to college a day early is because I had to go pick up Jenny from the airport. Travis and A.V. went with me because we had decided to go to eat afterward. The place we chose was:

Alamo Cafe
10060 IH-10 West

San Antonio, TX 78230
(210) 691-8827

This type of food is Tex-Mex. They gave free chips and tortillas. The tortillas are AMAZING! They are homemade. Fluffy and soft and oh so wonderful in my mouth! They give you butter to slatter on it but I ate mine plain.

I ordered the Fajita Dinner [2 soft tacos, choice of beef, chicken, or mixed, rice, beans, guacamole, and pico de gallo] | ~$10. I got the mixture. One was beef. The other was chicken. The beef was like any other beef but the chicken, oh the chicken! It was delicious. So juicy and soft. I would get only chicken next time for sure. It’s a good place to try if you want some tex-mex. I’d suggest it!