When I’m Gone



I’m off to New Orleans! Hopefully this doesn’t happen to me!

I will try to check in and read and comment y’all’s posts as much as I can.

Glad to hear y’all liked the prank video on my other post.

This isn’t anything like it but I’d like to leave you with a voice of an angel from one of my favorite movies.

I hope you all have a great weekend!

Much Love,

Home Sweet Home

Bad blogger over here.

Did not take ANY pictures on the flights back cuz I was too tired to do anything. Plus, sitting on your ass for a good 15+ hours for one flight is hard enough … oh and not to mention a sweaty guy with big B.O. sitting next to me. Sorry, I don’t want to be mean but sitting next to someone like that for a good 15+ hours is hell.

I did however watch SEVEN movies while in air.

Yep. Seven.

  1. Race to Witch Mountain
  2. This Means War
  3. Welcome to the Riley’s
  4. One Day
  5. I Love Hong Kong 2012
  6. Glee: The 3D Concert Movie
  7. Coraline

I loved every single movie I watched. I cried in some of them. Embarrassing right? Crying on the plane … only me.

Whoever invented watching TV/Movies while flying is GENIUS! And the fact that it’s complimentary, you’ll be dumb not watching. Especially now with how plane tickets are CAH-RAZY!

I miss Hong Kong. I miss Macau. I miss Taiwan. And the people in it.

I am already planning on going back soon. Definitely NOT 15 years later like before.

I have 228 blog posts to go through in my Google Reader and as I type, it goes up a little at a time so late comments might occur. Beware.Winking smile

Day 13: Taiwan + Reunion

First things first … I changed all the titles to the Hong Kong post. Just fyi if you were wondering or whatever.


We got to the airport super early. 5:30 AM early. EMPTY. It looks exactly like the Chinese Soaps I  watch when they go to the airport and whatnot. LOVE when that happens.


We sat around for a long while, then went into the departure tunnels where we ate breakfast at Everybody Lok. Congee noodles and whatnot.


Then we sat around some more. Gorgeous … no? I love those dang clouds. I don’t see much in Texas and when I do, it mostly means it might rain.


Then we got on the plane and flew. So pretty! And the clouds look like fluffy pillows.


Apparently we get food on this flight … beef with rice and cabbage, tong sui, water, and tea! LOVE my tea!

I left most of the rice though because I was still a bit full from the breakfast. I tried to tong sui as well and it’s not as great as I’d have hoped.


Hello, Taiwan!


Got off the plane and had a reunion with my oldest guy cousin, Wilson! I haven’t seen him in almost 20 years. We rode on a bus for a long while. Then walked to the subway and rode that. That’ll be my EasyCard. Similar to my Octopus Card in Hong Kong. For rides and to use as a debit card depending on how much you put in.


Pretty view while riding the subway. They are filled with greenery here!


We went into a Shopping Center where his wife later came. They call her Mei Mei so I will to for identification sake.

After a super long wait. We had 3 bamboo steamers that were filled with dumplings with soup. I love this stuff! It’s like crack! I also had a few spoons of hot and sour soup. SO good. So spicy!


Afterward, we rode a taxi to a museum. Yep. We were there for a good 4-5 + hours. What were we looking at you ask?

A lot of stuff from the past. Like what they wore, what they owned, how they made stuff. You would think it would be short but they had a three story building plus another one story building. Ridiculous. But some what interesting to see … I do a quick glance over and whatnot though.

Then we rode another taxi to eat. YUM! I was starving by then. We had Japanese BBQ/hotpot


This might look like a lot of food … but it was actually more than this. I just stopped taking pictures of the same stuff we ordered.

I tried my first every ox tongue. Yes. You read that right. I was hesitant but I’ll try anything once and surprisingly it was delicious! It does have a weird stanky smell but the texture was very … I don’t even know how to describe it. It has a weird bite to it.

And the intestine and fatty beef was the best I’ve ever had.

Mmmm … so far, Taiwan, you’ve treated me well.


After dinner, we walked to Wilson’s new hotel. He’s the Chinese Sous Chef there. SO cool! and I took a picture of the nightlife in Taiwan.

Oh and some dogs. They are not leashed here. A lot of dogs here are abandoned and walk around freely. While there’s some that are taken care of really well. The ones at the shops just sits there and lets people touch them and they don’t run away. If they jump off for people to touch, and the person then leaves, they go back to their spot. SO WELL TRAINED!! SO cute!

We then went on the subway and rode to his new house. He bought his own flat!! And remodeled it. It’s so spacious and very new and bright inside. I loved it! No pictures though. His place so I don’t feel comfortable doing so.

After snapping some group pictures for my family back in the States to see, Mum and I headed to the hotel.

We rode our taxi and when we got nearby, the taxi driver said he couldn’t find it. After circling around for what seemed like minutes on end, he finally drops us off at our hotel.

To where my mum and I lug our stuff up the 10th floor where the concierge tells us he doesn’t have our reservations.

To where he calls his headquarters and tells us where we were was the wrong hotel. That they had three in that area.

To where we were told our travel agent wrote down the wrong one.

To where we walked for a good few minutes to the next one. Luckily the concierge took us there or else mum and I would be walking for a good hour or so looking for it.

To where that concierge said the internet isn’t that great so it might suck.

Internet has become my life. I know I need to unplug but uh … I need my internet. So I was a little angry.

So many bad things toward the end made me feel people here are playing a joke on us.

Taiwan was on my BLEUGH list.

But that all changed …

Day 1: On a Jet Plane + Reunion

I hope everyone’s having a good day. When it’s day here, it’s night over there. And I’m a day early now so I’m not sure what is going on. But let’s begin.


My boarding passes.


We were there an hour or so early so I sat and looked at the planes while my mum sipped on her Starbucks coffee. That’ll be Dopey in the picture. He’s traveling with me so I’m going to try to take pictures with him in it.


Mum gave me some Hong Kong money … in case I got lost and needed it. Which is dumb because I don’t understand the first thing about Hong Kong currency here. What I do know is that the amount here is around $25 in the US. They’ll most likely just sit in my wallet for the duration of the time I’m here.


They handed out a snack of a choice of airplane peanuts, cookies, or mini pretzels. I chose the latter with water. Then my mum pulled out our goodies we packed. Beef jerky, cherries, and a chocolate bar.


We had a layover in Detroit. Look at the pretty tunnel at their airport! Smile Makes me happy.


Mum and I split a Mega Club sandwich that consisted of ham, turkey, bacon, and Swiss with chips and water. This added up to about $14 … geebus!

Let’s just say I am not use to grains, dairy, processed foods and the flight was a little uncomfortable.


Upon boarding out last plane, we received a menu, earphones, and snacks. I got water yet again … mmmm.


When the plane lifted off, I started watching movies:

  • Wanderlust – okay … not that great. Laughed in my head a few times but that was it.
  • Hangover Part II – loved this movie. Hilarious. Bradley Cooper with a baby and monkey. Enough said.
  • Jack and Jill – funnier than I expected. I heard the reviews sucked but I always liked things other people dislike.
  • A Cinderella Movie: Once Upon a Song – Ah … loved it. The main character is the girl from Pretty Little Liars and her voice is magical. I wish I was as talented as her.
  • The Lovely Bones – hated the ending but it was an incredible movie. Shows how much a family loves each other. I tried really, really hard not to cry on the plane.
  • Young Adult – so boring I had to stop watching it
  • Crazy, Stupid, Love – amazing. I was never a Ryan Gosseling fan but he was pretty sexy in it. And anything with Emma Stone is a plus.


Other than that I read my books, played some games on my Kindle Fire, and wrote lyrics. Yep. On napkins. Classy, eh? Dopey helped me out. Winking smile

They fed us A LOT on the plane. I felt that was all I did. Eat, eat, eat. Most of the time we got to chose what we ate so my mum would pick one and I would pick the other so that we can try out everything. True fat asses right here.


There were three choices for the first one but we chose the better ones.

Left: Western Choice: Seasonal green salad with parmesan cheese and tomatoes with Italian dressing. Chicken breast with ale sauce, cheddar mashed potatoes and broccoli. Slice of cheese with crackers, bread with butter, and a dessert of a cinnamon brownie.

Right: Chinese Choice: romaine salad with carrots, celery and cashews. Sweet and sour pork with assorted Chinese vegetables and steamed rice. Bread and butter, and a dessert of fruit cup and a fortune cookie.

The western choice was a-freaking-delicious. But I can’t say the same to the Chinese choice. I was not a fan of the sour pork. It was fried and very soggy. Yuck. I kept the brownie for later eating and the dressing and butter were not in use. My mum didn’t eat the fortune cookie either. Very filling.


Mid-flight snack: ham, cheese, and lettuce sandwich, milano cookies (we didn’t eat them), and a banana.

See the black tea? I drank like 10+ cups of those. So good. It kept me warm on the long, long flight.

We ate some of our goodies we packed as well. Nom.


Our pre-arrival meal.

Left: glazed beef tenderloin with sesame sauce, Napa cabbage, carrots and rice. Cucumber salad, fruit cup, bread and butter, and water.

Right: shell pasta in red pepper pesto sauce with shrimp, leeks and red peppers. Cucumber salad, fruit cup, bread and butter, and water.

I really, really loved this meal. Both was deliciously good.


Upon arrival, we went up and down some stairs to ride a trans-am to immigration so we could sign in.

Then we headed to baggage claim. They lost my luggage. Their reason is because during the layover, they didn’t scan my luggage in time … whatever that means. Rude. There suppose to deliver it tonight. I am sweaty and wearing the same clothes. GROSS!


We waited for forever for our family to pick us up [grandma (PoPo), little cousin (Alva), and my soon to be aunt (Na)] and when we did, we got on an airport bus that took us to our destination.


After the 30 minute+ bus ride, we dropped off our baggage at the flat where I finally saw my uncle (Dicky).

Then we all headed to go hotpot, less then a 10 minute walk, where I saw my aunt [Kathy]. If you don’t know what hotpot is, it’s where we order a table full of raw foods and throw it in the hot pot where you can instantly eat it afterward. Yum. This isn’t all the food. We ordered more and I loved it all. I ate some meat but I mostly ate the veggies. Definitely did not try everything on the table because I was so full from the meals they gave on the flight.

After eating, we went back home and relaxed. Kathy didn’t know the password to the WiFi so I couldn’t update so I went to sleep instead. So here is a post I wrote at 5am when people were still asleep.

In The Air

Currently on a jet plane with mum!


I’ll be doing a lot of reading, listening to music, and sleeping.


Dear Couples,
It can wait.


Dear Neighbor,
If you sleep on me, I will push you off.
That means you mum.


Dear Person in Front of Me,
If this happens, don’t complain if I kick.


Dear Parents,
I love kids but … you need to shut yours up.
Or I will gladly help you out.


Dear Mum,
Please remember to wake me up.
It’ll be appreciated.


Dear Hong Kong,
I’ve missed you and I cannot wait to see you soon!
Love, Melissa

I’ll leave you with an episode from Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern my sissy found on YouTube. This will give you idea of some of the things I’ll be eating. Definitely not all of it because some of that grosses me out.

P.S. If you see any posts during these few weeks about foods in the states … they were prewritten and I wanted to document them so … just click away if you see those.

Else, Happy Tuesday!

Penn State: Day 5

Time to head home.

But before home, where else would we go for breakfast but to The Corner?

2012-02-20 07.33.18


We headed back to the hotel. Finished packing. Then went on our 3+ hour bus ride to Baltimore Airport. Where we had lunch and then we waited for 2+ hour before boarding our airplane.

Funny story: I thought I lost my ticket so when I got to the table, the lady told me I had to find it or buy another ticket. I freaked out, everyone called our advisors, and in the end … I found my ticket. And then the lady said it was a joke and she could of fixed it for us. Jerk much? Anyway, I got made fun of the rest of the trip which I don’t mind because it was a little funny and I feel a whole lot of stupid.

We were on the plane for a good 1+ hour until we landed in the Tennessee Airport. Waited for people to board on and then we went on our 2+ hour trip to San Antonio.

Coming back was a relief. I was so tired sitting down. But now I’m so tired all around.

Going on this trip was a privilege not many people have. If you ever get the chance, I advise you to go and have fun! It’s seriously a great experience and it will change your life.

I didn’t want to come home because things up there were simpler. And let’s not forget, not having to study was a plus though maybe I should have. I also didn’t want to come back because of some things that I’m scared about and that now I have to take care of.

It’s been a great trip and I wouldn’t of had it any other way. Some of the people I went with are amazing. They love and live for things like this. I’ve made new memories and bonded closer to some friends. Unforgettable.

We are young.
So let’s set this world on fire.
We can burn brighter,
Than the sun.