Austin BBgo

On February 3rd, Jenny and I went to Austin since I couldn’t go home for Chinese New Year’s due to the weather. We stayed at Tammy’s place. For dinner we ate at:

Austin BBgo
6808 Lamar Blvd B-110
Austin, TX 78757
(512) 323-0153

There were no one there when we walked in. Not sure if it was because we were there a little later than usual but we only saw one couple walk in after us. Hmm …

These were the side dishes. Not sure what they all are but they were good. We cleared them all. We weren’t sure if we could get seconds, thirds, etc. like other Korean restaurants so that kind of put a downer in our meal.

I ordered the Galbi | ~$16. I think the price was around there. It was very expensive but I made two meals out of this. It was worth the price.

Sadly this is the amount of rice they gave me for my Galbi. Um … that is never enough rice for me. Jenny gave me some of hers and even then I was still a little hungry. Let’s just say I’m a rice bucket. We weren’t sure if ordering for another bowl would cost money so that was another downer.

Tammy ordered the Bibimbap. Not sure how much it cost for her but I think it didn’t pass two digits. She said it was good and she made another meal out of this too.

Jenny got the Bulgogi |~$12 … definitely not worth the price. The meat was tough and it had no taste. Not sure what happened there. She was very dissatisfied and although she made another meal out of it she didn’t even want to eat it. It was as if someone pointed a gun to her head as she swallowed it.

I’m a big fan of Korean food but I don’t believe I’ll ever come here again. It was not worth my money.