A Whole Lotta Fun



A coworker was leaving to do bigger and better things so BossMan took us out for lunch at:

10694 Westheimer Road
Houston, TX 77042
(281) 501-2960

Cheese Bread – too doughy for my taste. Pass …

Salad Bar – a lot of various choices. My favorite is the cow tongue (gross I know … but so good!) and the mashed potatoes since I’ve been craving it!

All You Can Eat Meat – so many choices! I only had a good I don’t know … 10 or so pieces of different meat. That’s SO much. They didn’t come over a lot though. Maybe because we had a lot of people and was scared we were gonna eat all their food.

Thanks Bossman!



Halloween! Also my sissy’s birthday. Yep she’s a halloweenie! (teehee) I was dressed up as a ballerina. Simple and easy because I was tired from a long day of work. She had a little get together costume party and we had wine and cheese, and snacks, and sweets. YuM!


There’s no pictures since they are her friends and if she doesn’t want to be on the blog, I doubt her friends would either. Don’t know how they’ll feel about that so here’s a picture of Bruno is his bed while we partied.



The girls: Mallory, Samantha, Leah M. and I had a girl’s night.

Don Julio’s Mexican Restaurant & Cantina
25250 Northwest Freeway
Cypress, TX 77429
(281) 758-4000

Chips & Dip – free and so good … the green one at least which makes me believe is creamy avocado dip. YUM!

We all got Margaritas on ice (Sam got it frozen). I use to think I hate margaritas but I’m beginning to think I don’t like them frozen. In ice is totally different. Guess because it dilutes the alcohol a bit?

La Paz – the enchilada and taco was so good and moist. The pork tamale … not so much. It was SUPER dry. Don’t ever get that if you ever go here.


We moved our booties to a bar. We were early so there wasn’t much people but there was a band playing and I loved their choice of music.


But we drove down to Midnight Rodeo and danced our hearts away. It was a lot of fun critiquing people dancing. Some people … they’re there for our entertainment. Sorry for being mean but I’m not sorry. You had to be there.




Went over to Mallory’s and we watched Magic Mike with Samantha … too much skin. I’m not use to it. But I guess it’s a given with it being a stripper movie and all.

Channing Tatum is a hottie but my eyes were all for Alex Pettyfer in this one. Mmm … man with scruff.

This week is over already. But I’m excited for what’s to come! Ice Hockey this Thursday. Crossing things off my list! And day off this Friday! Whoop! Happy upcoming week! I promise to do better with this whole blogging during the week thing.

Turquoise Grill

The day after my birthday, May 14th, I had a few friends celebrate with me. I’m not much of a birthday celebrator of my own birthday. Growing up it was only family celebration and that was it. Other kids had birthday parties with other kids … not me. I decided on:

Turquoise Grill
3701 Kirby Dr #160
Houston, TX
(713) 526-3800

They gave us a plate of Olive Oil & Herb Mixture for dipping. Mmm yum! I made sure not to eat a lot of this so I can enjoy my meal much better.

This is the Shepherd’s Bread it came with for dipping. The bread was really fluffy and I couldn’t get enough of it. But like I stated before, I had to keep my tummy empty for my meal.

I ordered the Hummus [garbanzo beans pureed with tahini paste, lemon juice, and garlic] | $4.75. I forgot to take a picture. 😦 But it was surely delicious. It was more grainy than smooth but I didn’t mind that. I shared it with everyone at the table so that I wouldn’t be eating a lot before the meal.

My main dish: Adana Kebab Platter [world-famous blended mixture of spicy ground beef and ground lamb tucked on a flat shish and grilled to perfection. served with our homemade lavash flat bread, bulgur pilaf and piyaz (Turkish bean salad)] | $10.95. That’s the price I paid but online it says $13.50. Hmm … I’m not sure why. Maybe the prices have changed since then. I don’t see the bread on my dish and don’t remember having it. But this dish is worth the money. The beef and lamb is very moist and soft and the whole dish is really filling.

The price is pretty high compared to Pasha’s Mediterranean Grill so I think I’d rather stick with Pasha’s. It’s still my favorite Greek/Mediterranean place.

We went to Little Woodrow’s afterward for a beer. My friend, Michelle, bought me a mug of Blue Moon. Yum! The other mug full is hers. I believe she got XX.

Yard House

On May 4th all the Cantonese kids got together for a dinner which consisted of Nancy, Elaine, Henry, and me. We decided on:

Yard House
15900 La Cantera Parkway
San Antonio, TX
(210) 691-0033

It was happy hour time so everything on their Happy Hour menu was 1/2 off!!

Spicy Tuna Roll [seared rare ahi, avocado, edamame, cucumber with wasabi soy sauce] | ~$6

So good. I like that the roll isn’t the standard roll. This makes it so much easier to eat, in my opinion. If you are to try anything here, this is a definite need.

Classic Sliders | ~ $5

I always heard sliders are extra fattening then a regular burger but I thought to take that chance since it was almost the end of the year. It was very yummy. I really liked the bun. The fries were okay. I could do without them.