2012 Houston Beer Fest

Sissy found a deal on some website for tickets to the beer fest for less than $15. She bought 3 tickets. One for me, herself, and Brett.

2012-06-09 11.19.242012-06-09 11.27.47

So to beer fest we go on June 9th. It was scheduled to rain so I was very happy when by the time we left, it didn’t. It rained after we left. Good luck?

2012-06-09 11.29.022012-06-09 11.29.11

They give everyone a cup with a map and 10 tickets. Tickets used to get drinks. whooo!

2012-06-09 12.55.52

It was so hot. Sweat. Sweat. Sweat.


Only some of the beer brands we tried. Yum. I’ve never tried so much beer in one “sitting”.

2012-06-09 12.07.22

They sold beer holding belt buckles. Ridiculous? I agree.

2012-06-09 12.24.07

I bought a sausage because I was so hungry. All I had was 2 scrambled eggs. Gotta eat if I wanted to stay sober from all that drinking. Winking smile

$3 for that sausage … waste. It was very juicy though and filling.

Sissy and I went with my mum last year to their Inaugural 2011 Houston Beer Fest. And I must say, this one was definitely way better. It had to be because if they failed again, they will never have costumers again.

2012-06-09 15.01.50

Pappas Bar-B-Q
8777 South Main
Houston, Texas
(713) 432-1107

2012-06-09 15.17.06

Rib Combo [1beef, 2 pork, 3 baby back ribs + 2 sides of your choice] | $12.95

I got the Mac ‘n Cheese side for Sissy. And the Yams for myself. I only at one and gave the rest away. It was too dang sweet with that brown sugar. I didn’t eat that slice of bread either. Smile

The beef was dry. But the pork and baby back ribs were delicious. I will come back here again for those two things. Smile

2012-06-10 21.48.48

Got this in the mail tonight. I cannot wait to see them walk down the aisle. I wish I had a boy … friend to go with to all these weddings. Smile with tongue out

Inaugural 2011 Houston Beer Fest

I was looking through my pictures on my camera and realized … I never put up my Beer Fest post! Whoops.

So here I am more than month later … writing it.

I’ve been wanting to go to my first Beer Fest since I’ve heard about it and when Houston was going to have one I begged my sissy, mum, and June to go everyone ignored me.

Then Groupon had a deal and sissy, mum, and I went! Whooooo!


It was set at Hermann Square Park. This was the most worse place to have a beer fest!


There were so many people there and not enough space to stand! There were security there that made people get out from standing in the pond. Um … come on! There’s no room to stand and it was freaking hot out, k? So in the end I think they gave up on that.

Each of our tickets came with 10 free drinking stubs! Sweet!!


This was our first .. and our last beer tasting. I got a Fat Tire and it was delicious.

But by the time we made our way around to the other booths .. all the beer were out. All that was left were the usual beers that you drink when you don’t want to buy anything very expensive. The whole idea of a Beer Fest to me is to try things you never would so … a waste it was to me.

We ate a lot of foods though …


Samosas, Asian food, pineapple drink, funnel cake, sausage on a stick, curly fries, and sweet tea.

We paid for all our food except for the teas. We used our tickets for the teas. We gave the rest of our tickets to some stranger that just came in. I hope he had more fun than us.

I understand this is their first ever Beer Fest here in Houston so I’m not mad at how it turned out. I just wished they thought this through more. They have to know that Houston goes crazy wild with drinking. And when you put it on Groupon or Living Social or any other site to help promote your event … you’re going to be getting A LOT of customers.

I hope next year it’ll be better. But now I can cross it off my Bucket List! and tell everyone I’ve been to an inaugural beer fest.Winking smile

I probably won’t go to one for a really long time here in Houston … maybe a few years when they know for sure how things go.

I know they’ll be having a wine fest though so … if you guys are interested, go check it out. It’s in September I believe and they should know how things go now.