Jenny and I went to some liquor store a few days ago. And look what we found!!!!!!


Wine with the name Bitch! I would love to try it!Smile with tongue out

So I’ve finished the Flatout Flatbread The Original and am moving on to the Flatout Flatbread Multi-Grain with Flax.


Mmmm .. carrots and peanut butter (Peanut Butter & Co.’s The Bees Knees to be exact). YUM!

The Multi-Grain with Flax is more floury than The Original. It is also more grainy. DUH! But it’s still okay. So far it’s not as great as The Original.

What’s inside? Oh just a turkey dog and spinach. Mmmm.


Look what I made!! It’s green pepper with an egg in the middle. Kind of looks like a flower huh? Hmm … guess it’s just me. It’s so cute!!


I also did my Superset 1 from Fitness Magazine last night! 3 sets of 12 reps of Bent-Over Row and 3 sets of 12 reps of Decline Bench Press. I used a 3 pound dumbbell so I don’t think it worked out too much. But I felt my back and chest definitely tingling with a little soreness this morning. Good I guess? Yay.

I’m slowly getting into the workout scene again. I seriously need to find a place to run. It’s still too hot outside. Thank goodness the humidity stayed in Houston though.

Being a little lazy, then study time!Confused smile