Oh, Tonight, We’re Gonna Set The World On Fire

That song has been stuck in my head for a good week now. It’s such a sweet, sweet song. I LOVE duets!

Anyway, I broke my own promise to not buy books for a while. Books like non-school related books. WHOOPS!


I ended up buying 13 books for $48.55. Not too bad if you ask me. It said I saved $50.93 meaning if I had bought these without the sale from Borders, I would be dang poor.

I have realized I’ll rather buy books than clothes. Eeep. That’s not too good. I think people are starting to notice my closet is only t-shirts that you either get for free or from school activities.Embarrassed smile



I opened up a Baked Flatbread crisps: Four Cheese as a snack. I had a feeling this would be my least favorite out of all the other ones. It smells very cheesy which gets me very queasy and it tastes super cheesy! Surprisingly, it’s not bad at all. Quite delicious! The queasy feeling is gone.

You don’t even need dip for this!! It has enough flavor to hold it’s own!

So far, everything about Flatout Bread has got my heart!


There’s a pool party at my apartment going on right now. And I live right next to the pool … like I can see the pool from here. Bleugh! They have speakers everywhere! I don’t know how Jenny sleeps through this!



Fun Filled Weekend

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Now onto my weekend extravaganza!


I went to Walgreens for a gift bag and ended up buying some cracking nail polish as well!

I’m very messy at painting my nails. I was just trying it out. Obviously brighter colors makes it look better. My favorite is the one on top!

Went to visit Rose and her family. Remember those Nutella Swirled Fudge Brownies I made to bring to their house? They loved them and took them all! I love that feeling of when people eat your food … and like it!

Meet baby Katherine!! I wish my skin was as smooth as hers. Jealous!


My family and I went to San Antonio. I needed to drop my keys off at my apartment since my lease ends in August.

June cooked us breakfast of eggs, eggo pancakes, and hashbrowns.

I took an egg, and some hasbrowns with some ketchup. I made myself a bagle thin sandwich that had peanut butter and a banana in between.

We arrived to SA, walked around La Cantera, dropped my keys off, and had lunch at a Pho place.

We then went to Borders since they are closing! Library and bookstores are dying due to electronics. I am sad. I wanted to open a bookstore when I was older. Dreams are crushed! 😦

Books on sale makes me all happy inside!!

Got stuck in traffic 10 minutes from our house because of the construction. Got to our Cousin’s Dinner in time (if you count 30 mins late on time). He was paying for finding a good job! Yayy!


I woke up and went to Borders … again! Told you I love books on sale. I just love owning books!

I might have gone a little crazy. I ended up spending $40+ but it’s so worth it! The one sticky that says $7.99 was actually only $5.59! 🙂

These are all the books I’ve accumulated plus the ones I bought this weekend that I need to read!! I can’t wait to try out the cookbooks as well. EEEEE so excited!! If anyone would love to donate me their books, I would so happily take them. If they’re my cup of tea, I would definitely try it out!! 😉

I stopped by the Apple store and picked this up. I’m excited to try it out!! Whoo … new toys! 😀 If you have any tips, please let me know!!

Then we went to eat at a Chinese Restaurant in Bellaire. The food was so good!! And I had some for lunch today!

This weekend has been VERY eventful and wanted to remember it forever!

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