I Love Hockey


Poodle Cats … have you ever heard of such?
Well there is and I want that one in the picture.


What did I cross off my bucket list?
Going to a Hockey Game.
NHL is on a lockout so the minors still count.
Thanks Mallory & Lauren F. for going with me!
Our favorite part? Checking out the guys through the internet. Teehee.
And watching them slam into the pixie glass.
#31 Matt Hackett 😉
If you look at the second picture in that collage you’ll see a penis bell.
Sorry … it was funny.
Hope one day I get to go to a NHL game!


I finally changed my own guitar strings!
Last time I tried it popped in my face and I got scared of it.
But I did it!! *Pat on back* 🙂


Carmel Brulee Frap from Starbucks
Too sweet but quite good.


While driving I saw this.
Makes me miss high school and college.
Prank wars were so much fun.


Went grocery shopping with Mum & June and saw this.

Hope your weekend started out amazing!

Spoiled Coworkers



I entered in Hollie’s coffee a day contest. I don’t mind if I don’t win.
I was just wondering what category Starbucks Wanna Be would be under.
Hence the face and the confused teddy bear. I got this coffee for free at work. Buy 9 get 1 free.
They only serve a few off the menu. No seasonal or anything. Better than nothing?


I baked some Peanut Butter Cookies for the coworkers tonight.
They are super spoiled … obviously.
They smell super delicious and I kinda don’t wanna share.

Tomorrow is my Friday! AND I get to cross something off my bucket list.
You’ll hear about that tomorrow. Can’t wait to share!
Happy Thursday y’all!
Stay Positive and Thank Good Thoughts!

Busy Fun Week + Halloweekend!

Craptastic. I wrote this whole thing ready to publish
and then Live Writer goes haywire on me!

I’ll try to make this go like it was suppose to.
This was suppose to be like last week’s post since y’all liked it so much
but this would probably mean once a week post …
I don’t know how I feel about that yet.



Taylor Swift’s album RED dropped.
Better believe it’s been played five billion times already.



Pumpkins were carved!
Lauren F. and I went over to Mallory’s and I carved my very first pumpkin.
Check off my Bucket List! It was oooey gooey and I loved it.
Guess which one is mine! Sadly ours got super moldy in like two days. 😦



Michelle’s going away dinner at Chuy’s with Stephanie.
Michelle is the new Lufkin reporter!
Cannot wait to see her new place!
She’s going to make it big one day!
The only picture of us three from that night … sorry.



Alyssa’s friend, Erin K.,
posted about Painting with a Twist
for a Cause … Relay for Life.
Hello, I’m all down for that. I threw in the big bucks and went!


I had a lot of fun.
Freaked out a lot thinking this is gonna be one ugly painting
but it came out pretty okay.


The people in the class were hilarious and fun to be around.
They were acting like little kids and Erin and I were the youngest ones there!
I’m already wanting to go back …


I baked for the coworkers that night regardless of how late it was.
We’ve been having a sluggish week at work.



After work nothing happened at all.
I’m pretty sure I slept for a good 20 hours. Jk.
I slept for 3 hours and painted this thing in less than however long Despicable Me is.
It’ll get better with more practice … hopefully.



Sally Hansen stick on nail things.
Sent on accident but got to keep!
Worked well with my costume: Skulls with pink glittery background.
Note to self and everyone else … put on a top coat.


Mallory’s birthday … plus Halloweekend!
Baked her a cake then headed to her place
where I met all her friends from college
who were watching the aTm game.
I drank out of an aTm cup to fit in …


I hadn’t celebrated her birthday with her since were where both seniors in high school.
Us then (graduation rehearsal).
Us now (last night).
We definitely look nothing like we use to …

And now just pictures from the night.


Girls getting ready: Liz, Mallory, Sarah, & Lyndsey


My date for the night, Sarah


Lyndsey, Ryan, & Andrew


Lyndsey, Sarah, Mallory, & I (we were fairies if you can’t tell)


Mallory, me, & Sarah

No matter what went down this has got to be one of my favorite Halloweekends ever.
I had a lot of fun.
One of the best Houston downtown nightlife experience as well.
Thanks Mal!

After such a fulfilling week
it’s gonna be a little sad going to my regularly scheduled days.
Hopefully I can still have some fun.

Have a great week ahead!

Summer Road Trip: Day 3

Our day begin at a local café:

2012-05-30 11.10.47

Another Broken Egg Café
979 Hwy 98
Destin, Florida
(850) 650-0499

There was a wait outside the café for 20-40 minutes. Not bad. But it was a Wednesday. But then again it was summer in a touristy area. Wait was worth it.

2012-05-30 12.03.47

The Farm Fresh [our garden fresh selection of broccoli, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, & melted combo cheese; served with a side of country potatoes and English muffin] | $9.99

If you love potatoes … go here and try it! The outside is crispy but the inside is soft and mushy. Just how a country potato should be. Other places seem to dry it out or it becomes hard. Here, it’s perfect. Give me your secret!

The omelet was plain. Seems like a normal omelet. I could do without all the cheese though. And I definitely did not eat the English muffin.

2012-05-30 12.03.28

Sausage (2 patties) | $3.49

I ordered a side of sausage because I wanted some meat. It was very normal like the omelet and super oily. It was costly but hey, I guess they changed their menu, 3 patties for $3.49. Still expensive but can’t complain.

2012-05-30 12.03.20

Monster Cinnamon Roll [warm & gooey with a cream cheese icing] | $3.89

Jenny ordered this, took a few bites. It was soooooo gooooood. A to order again if I’m ever at a Broken Egg Café. It was just like they said, warm and gooey. It was so moist. So dang good. I’m drooling as I’m typing this.

2012-05-30 12.03.53

Banana’s Foster [waffle, french toast, or jumbo pancake; covered with our very own warm banana’s foster sauce, whipped cream, pecans & fresh banana slices] | $10.99

Another one of Jenny’s order. She really loves sweets. I took a bite and geebus. Too sweet! I think this is a sharing type of deal. She was eating it all by herself and I’m sure she overloaded on all the sugar. Bleugh!


After brunch, we went on to New Orleans, Louisiana. And checked into the hotel and got ready.


See my darkness. Yuck!

Dinner was at:


Emeril’s Restaurant
800 Tchoupitoulas Street
New Orleans, Louisiana 70130
(504) 528-9393

2012-05-30 19.02.14

Free Bread

I’m not sure of the real names of the bread but I know one is like a croissant (brown), one like cornbread (yellow), and one like a focaccia bread (square). The best one? The croissant one. Yum. So delicious.

2012-05-30 19.46.05

Tammy’s choice:

Grilled Niman Ranch Double Cut Pork Chop [with caramelized sweet potatoes, tamarind glaze and green Chile mole sauce] | $32

The pork chop was very juicy … but very salty. Not a fan. The sweet potatoes were delicious though. Loved the texture but like the pork, a little salty.

2012-05-30 19.46.14

My choice:

Andouille Crusted Drum [with grilled vegetables, shoestring potatoes, glazed pecans and creole meliniere sauce] | $29

Yum. The fish was very flaky and juicy but the outside was crunchy. Reason I picked this was the vegetables. Because I haven’t eaten enough. The shoestring potatoes were a little on the salty side but it was crunchy and so yummy.

I would get this again.

2012-05-30 19.46.56

Jenny’s choice:

Sweet Barbecue Glazed Salmon [with Andouille-potato hash, crispy onions, and house made Worcestershire] | $27

I was going to pick this but I’m not a big fan of crispy onions and I really wanted those vegetables. Loved the salmon. Very flaky. The onions were meh. Glad I didn’t order this and suck with my drum though.

I would order this if the onions weren’t with it. I love onions, but these didn’t cut it.


After dinner, we went back to the hotel and got ready. The other girls pre-drank. Then we went to Bourbon Street.



Tropical Isle
721 Bourbon Street
New Orleans, Louisiana
(504) 529-1409

I’m not quite sure if this is the right location. There were three on that street.


They are well known for their Hand Grenades | $8. I’m not sure what’s in it. But yum!


Heard this stuff makes you drunk fast so we bought two and shared it between all of us. One on ice and one as a slush. Get it on ice. Ice melts and makes the alcohol not as strong and it tastes better at the end. (Maybe we got use to the alcohol though …)


I don’t know where this place is. I looked it up online but I cannot find it. I’ll just call it:

Big Easy Pizza By the Slice
Bourbon Street
New Orleans, Louisiana

2012-05-30 23.08.26

Meat Lover’s | $4.50

So cheesy. So greasy. So yummy. Get it. It tastes good from walking around everywhere.


Crossed another thing off my bucket list.

Going to a Gentlemen’s Club. Seriously. Nothing special. I’m sorry if this offends anyone but I just wanted to see why some guys like to go. It was actually funny being there. I really liked one of them. She’s from California and only come and do this for a few months for fun.


I also crossed off another thing from my bucket list.

Go to a Casino and gamble.


I played the machine Blackjack at Hurrah’s and won $10. Win. I cashed out before I lost anything. Smart cookie right here. Open-mouthed smile

We went home and showered and went to bed.

Day 4. Final day. Coming up soon.

Summer Road Trip: Day 2


Ready for the beach! We had our free breakfast at the hotel. Yay to saving money!

2012-05-29 09.18.43229847_10151446771065715_501365714_12450514_758120777_n

Look at that wonderful view!

2012-05-29 09.45.01480061_10151446764170715_1110325368_n



The water was so white and blue and super clear! So pretty!

Jennifer and Karen T. went to scooter so Jenny, Tammy, and I did our own thing. We had to get a quick lunch so we went to:

2012-05-29 11.44.42

Pompano Joe’s
2237 Scenic Gulf Drive
Destin, Florida 32550
(850) 837-2224

Since we didn’t want to get sick from eating too much food, we split an appetizer and a soup.

2012-05-29 12.02.31

Seafood Gumbo [2012 Winner of the People’s choice award & best overall gumbo at the Sandestin Gumbo Festival] | Cup $4.49 Bowl $5.99

We got the bowl since we were sharing and it was deliciously yummy. It was thick but at the same time, thin. There was a lot of meat and veggies in there as well. So filling.

2012-05-29 12.02.23

Fried Calamari [served with marinara and tiki sauces] | $8.99

Yum. The little legs on this squid was so tender. It kind of crackles in your mouth when you chewed it up and it’s not because it was fried. I didn’t need any of the sauces for this baby. It was great just by itself!


We waited half an hour or so to cross something off my bucket list!


There’s a surf school there called Ride On Surf School.

It took me a little bit to finally get it down and when I did it felt like I was soaring on water.

We did a group lesson (2 or more) with 1 hour instruction time and 1 hour free surf time for $55 per person.

The instructors were so nice and helpful and never gave up once! I would love to come here again and Ride On! It’s only about $20 to reserve a board for an hour without the lessons, so why not?


Us with our instructors, Austin and Dylan.

We all met up, showered, and got ready for:

2012-05-29 17.17.21

Rick’s Crab Trap
1096 Scenic Gulf Drive
Miramar Beach, Florida 32550
(850) 269-1252

2012-05-29 17.51.372012-05-29 17.51.502012-05-29 17.52.232012-05-29 17.54.402012-05-29 18.08.312012-05-29 18.09.062012-05-29 17.55.18

Just some of the food we got. It was happy hour so a lot of things were half off. I wasn’t that happy with my foods though. Very simple and a little bland.

I don’t think I would come here again.



Looking out into the water after dinner.

We went shopping and souviner shopping after.

It was a long day but it was worth it.

Oh did I also mention I’m sunburned like crazy? I was red as a tomato and now I’m peeling like a snake. Bleugh!

Day 3 coming soon!

I Wish You Said Something Mean

I was told I am selfless. In where I can give up something I like so much so that it makes other people happy. In which I replied, but is that a good thing? That’s a question I’ve been pondering for a lifetime.

I opened my Google Reader for the first time since four days ago … 1000+ unread. Whoops. I’m slowly making my way through it all! So if you see me commenting on something old, that’s why.


Great song by a great singer. Lyrics are a little too spot on sometimes. She’s so gorgeous. Check her out. Smile

My friend, Nicole, got engaged tonight. So happy for her. It seems everyone’s finding their one. Cannot wait to hear the story and details! This is going to be so exciting!!

Tomorrow’s the 5k Diploma Dash. I’m not running it though with my shin splints, I don’t think it’s a good idea. I will walk it though! Open-mouthed smile Sadly I don’t think this counts as doing a 5k in my bucket list. Sad smile Next time, next time!

Time to get ready for bed. Nighty night!

De Lorenzo Is Calling My Name

Last night, I ventured out to find a dress to wear to my friends’ engagement party. After, much looking around, I found one. It was from Macy’s for $17.99, I believe.


Te gusta?

Sadly, it won’t be worn Sunday.

I got a call from De Lorenzo Friday night, to confirm our hair appointment Saturday for their show Sunday and Monday.

Since I have school Monday, I can only do Sunday and well … yeah, it clashes with the engagement party as well as football practice.

Sadly, I already knew about the show earlier than the engagement party so, I have to go with what I committed to first, right?

Once in a lifetime, right? Plus, I can cross off getting my hair did professionally and getting my make up did professionally off my list.


This is what the show is called.

Today was prep day, not the real show. It was a Tammy, Jenny, and me type bonding moment. We got there at around 10:45am. Matt found us and took us to the Model Check-In.


I felt like a rockstar. I will never be a model model. Have you seen my body? So, I felt very happy.


They gave us checkerboard wristbands and made us fill in the consent form. Check and Check.


Since they were busy with coloring the other girls’ hair, they told us to hang around and be back by a certain time. We walked across the street to the Riverwalk and ate at the Food Court. It is the devil over there. Reminds me why I never eat at Food Courts if I have the choice. So fatty, so bad for you foods.

We headed into Macy’s too since we had time to spare and we wanted to know if we can find anymore amazing dresses like the one up top. I bought this blue tee for $4.99!


Then it was time to head back, and head back we did. Then we waited for a little while for our turn.


I was the first to go into the chair. I have “virgin hair” as they call it. So I was hell-a scared.


Reping that De Lorenzo swag (Why do people say swag? Just now tried it and uh .. it’s awkward.)

That’s Molly in the back. She was the one that found us.Open-mouthed smile


They did highlights for Tammy (Left) and Jenny (Right).


They even fed us since we were there for so long. Us three just got a jumbo hot dog each. That would be Matt putting the food together in the picture on the left; on the right is our hot dogs and condiments. Yum!


They even have those chairs at the salons to wash out your hair and that’s where we all went to get that done. That would be Tammy getting her hair washed and conditioned and what not. The one doing so is Douglas. He is hilarious. His little comments make me laugh. I was sad for him though because one of the girl models ate his food (who didn’t order any) and he got none. That sucks major boo boo!


Our Before Pictures


Our After Pictures

I don’t see any difference with my hair but it could be because they know I was scared that I’ve never dyed my hair before so they went super easy on it. Maybe tomorrow they can make it more bam bam bam!

We’re told they aren’t done yet, so we shall see what else they have in store for us tomorrow before the show!


This picture does not do this girl justice but her hair was gorgeous! The one that did it for her, his name is Marvin. He is so funny. Always so excited and happy! Love it!


The goodie bag they gave us for being their models! The bag’s material is amazing. I love it. They gave us shampoo, conditioner, and treatment for colored hair.

Their products are amazing. My hair feels amazing. They don’t test on animals and it’s organic! If I was rich, I would buy everything they have because my gosh … I love it!

See how big this place is? Picture it 500 times this size. That’s how big this show is going to be. AND they have rooms turned into classrooms outside of this room for people to learn more! It’s all so dang interesting!

Now I can cross off getting my hair professionally done off my bucket list!

Can’t wait to see what tomorrow has in store for us!

Bucket List

What a horrible start of the week.

What a horrible start to Monday.

I woke up late for work. I got in at 8am instead of my usual 6:30am.

Yes. Super late.

But because we’re a big company, no one really cares if you’re late so as long as you’re here before 9am – I’m assuming – it’s okay.

Anyway, last night I put up my bucket list that I’ve kept for years now. This way, if my laptop ever dies on me, I have it saved. I’ve achieved only 30 or so of the things on that list. How depressing. Hoping this will keep me accountable to actually doing more.

Also I’m debating if I should do my usual runs this week, or take a break because I graduated from C25K.

I’m thinking if I do run, it’ll only be a 30 minute type: 5 warm up, 20 run, 5 cool down. And try to improve on my time.

Then go into some strength traning.

Or maybe vice versa.

I actually went and looked up 5k races coming up but:

  • I’m too afraid to sign up for one in fears I will fail
  • They cost money which I don’t know if I want to pay in case I fail
  • I can’t find one that fits my time and place

Ah, yes. Excuses.

Running a 5k is on my bucket list so I will have to do it one day … hopefully soon.