Build A Workout

So lazy I am.

Okay, so yeah I did take up five hours making a new banner for this site.

I still don’t know how I want it but surprisingly, I’m very happy with the outcome this time.

Very simplistic.

I dubbed this week no run week.

My hip needs to heal as well as my foot.

So I did a simple workout with weights.

Seriously … simple.

Fitness Magazine has a Build A Workout page.

You tell them what areas you want to work on, how much time you have, as well as what equipment you have on hand.

Being the sad person that I am, I had nothing much but wanted to work everything.

I set mine to 15 minutes because I am so dang tired. And I only had 5 lb dumbells. I have more but it’s the kind you have to change to get the weight you want. (LAZY!)

This was very easy and ended quickly.

I haven’t done workouts like these in a long time so this got me going and I feel it a little.

Mission Accomplished.