C25K: Last Day


Pretty much my motto now.

I have FINALLY finished my C25K!!


I ran even faster than last time but had to slow it down again at 15 minutes from the pain in the side of my hip.

It’s okay though because I have succeeded!

I have graduated!

For the first time in my life, I am able to run for so long for such a long distance (for me).

I might take a few days to rest so my hip can heal but my goal now is to faster my time.

Maybe one day I will sign up for a 5K. Maybe one day before the year ends.

Here’s to wishful hoping.

After the run I treated myself to a delicious smoothie and watched Beastly!

Beastly: Think of this movie as the classic Beauty and the Beast. I really liked how they made it modern and with humans instead of animation. The movie would be better if Vanessa Hudgens wasn’t in it. Sorry girl but the way you act is pretty much the same in every movie.

But Alex Pettyfer did really well. And he is so cute! Even when he was “ugly”. Can you believe he’s only 21? Only one year younger than me. I can be a cougar. 😉

Now it’s just catching up with blogs and Grey’s Anatomy.

Good night everyone!

Almost There

Cheers! Me with my blueberry smoothie.

*Don’t mind my emo nails and sweaty self.

So much better tasting than last time’s smoothie.

Maybe it’s because I added peanut butter.

Peanut butter makes everything tastes better.

Oh and I added a dash more cinnamon. Yums!

C25K: Week 8 – 2nd to last run.

Warm up 5, Run 30, Cool down 5

As mentioned in the earlier post, I was sore all over, therefore scared to run.

Scared because I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to finish.

But knowing that if I got through today, I would be one step closer to the end.

I got on the treadmill – seriously who can run outside in this Houston heat?! – warmed up and ran and ran.

Somehow being sore actually helped me. I kept telling myself it’s all in my head. That I’m sore because I’m making progress.

Then a needle starts puncturing me on my left hip. What are you doing, hip?! You have 15 more minutes of running.

— I’ve realized that 15 minutes into any run, I tend to get tired and my mind plays tricks on me to get me to stop.

I did indeed finish and am happy to say that I ran a little faster and farther than last time. It’s still a sad, sad time but I am proud of it.

At least I’m getting out there (or in my case, on there) and running.

Afterward I even did some push-ups, sit-ups, and some arm movement things because I was so hyped up with what I have accomplished.

Mentally, I feel so dang good.

Physically, I cannot move. That’s always my favorite feeling.

This was what kept me going. — I tend to read quotes and look at motivating pictures before my scheduled workouts.

Visual aids get me going faster than someone bugging me to do it.

What do you do before a run to get motivated?

C25K: Week 8 aka: Final Week!

I’m currently typing up this post,

catching up with Ugly Betty Season 4,

and eating the worst blueberry smoothie on the face of the planet.

But because I don’t like to waste food … I’m sucking it all up.

Moving on …

5 Warm Up, 30 Run, 5 Cool Down

Everything seemed to be going well til I got to Run 15. How was I already tired?!

I had to slow down a little which made me pretty sad.

I’m thinking that after C25K, I’m going to keep running the 30 but trying to get more distance.

Mmm … goals. Let’s hope I reach them.

Only two more days!

I have a busy week after work hours. If all goes according to plan, I get to see Alyssa tomorrow, Amanda Thursday, FTK Skype meeting with Ryan Z. Friday, and hang out with Ed and watch Community on Saturday. I have a feeling some things won’t go according to plan but one can hope!

Have a good rest of Monday! 🙂

Overnight Oats In A Jar

I have never been in love with oatmeal.

Actually, I hate oats.

But, I took the plunge and made Overnight Oats in a Jar!

Harsh light in my picture. Wahh … oh well.

Overnight Oats In A Jar


  • Almost empty jar of spread
  • Rolled oats
  • yogurt
  • milk
  • Honey Nut Cheerios
  • blueberries
  • strawberries
  • peanut butter


  1. Put rolled oats, yogurt, milk, and peanut butter (I didn’t have enough left over spread in my jar) into the almost empty jar of spread.
  2. Put into fridge overnight.
  3. Add Honey Nut Cheerios, blueberries, and strawberries on top.
  4. Eat.

I added a little bit of chocolate syrup because I always wanted to squirt some of that on something.


It was so delicious! Sadly the bottom didn’t get much taste. It tasted too much of cardboard (oatmeal) but I think if there’s more Pralinutta on the bottom, I think it’ll be a different story. Plus, it kept me full for hours. Sweet!!

Rocky is so lazy!

I got to work on a lot of things today. So great getting to sleep in. No work Fridays for the win!

I just got done with my C25K: Week 8! Same Run as Monday and Wednesday.

Felt good. I went on the treadmill again. Decided to give it another chance.

This time instead of just listening to music, I put on Netflix on my iTouch.

The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Let’s just say this show is getting boring but I feel I have to stick it through. Sad? Yes, I’m a sad person.

Anyway, the run went faster than expected. Guess running on the treadmill is okay as long as I have something better to do.

Now I’m running late – no pun intended. Got to get ready and head over to Michelle‘s house.

Hope you guys are enjoying y’all’s Friday! 🙂

P.S. I changed up my page layout. Hopefully it’ll be the last for a while.

So Close

Today was going by so slow. All I could think about was my run later that day. I kept looking at the time on the computer.

I resulted into doing this. Covering the computer clock with my water bottle. How sad! But it worked!

I tweeted saying that I plan to run today but my legs were feeling very heavy. Then Rachael replied.

How great is she?! Amazingly great.

We were having crazy weather and I was thinking what to do because I like running outside with Mother Nature. I was leaning on giving up today.

After reading her tweet, it was a no brainer. I was to run on the treadmill even if it’s not with Mother Nature. Our treadmill is a little wonky so no one really uses it anymore.

C25K: Week 8 – Run 2 — Same running schedule as Monday except this time it was on the treadmill.

How can people survive. I got really bored and had an urge to check the time every few seconds.

But somehow it went by really fast as well. Weird how that works huh?

Though I’m not a big fan of running on the treadmill, I just might next time if the weather forces me to. It’s better on my knees and hips too. I’m not as sore so I guess something good did come out of the treadmill.

She is so motivating! Oh don’t forget to enter her Gotien Giveaway!! 😀

This whole week is going by really fast. Just one more day and it’s the weekend!!

No Slacking

Happy end of Fourth of July!!

Did everyone have a good one?!

I know I did! We grilled up a lot of foods.

I ended up eating a hamburger and two hot dogs. Oh vey! Plus a lot of little trees (aka: broccoli), onions, squash, zucchini, etc. Yum!!

Afterward, sissy, brother, Brett, and I played Scattergories. Um .. I suck at this game. I was last place the first time around but we had a rematch and I became second to last. At least I moved up? 😉

But just because it was July Fourth and we had a guest over, it doesn’t mean that I would give up.

I laced up my sucky running shoes and did my C25K: Week 8

Warm up 5, Run 28, Cool down 5

It felt like a really long run. I was starting to feel the tummy ache I felt all weekend but I pushed through. My legs weren’t as tired when I ran but they felt like jelly after.

Plus the weather was yucky. Right when I was telling myself how gross it is outside and how there was no wind, a gust came out of nowhere and stayed til after my cool down.

Thank you Uncle. I think he heard me from up above.

Five more days of running total. I got this!

Night y’all!

Happy July!

I don’t like the sound of that!

That means that summer is almost over and I would have to quit my summer job and go back to school.

At least it’s only for one more year right?

Let’s hope so!

Then goes the whole process of having to find a job. Oy vey!

So hard to find a job nowadays.

Anyway …

I finished Week 7 of my C25K! Same as Day 1 and Day 2.

I would love to say that this run went very well compared to those two days. I did get cramps on both my calves but I know for a fact it’s because I didn’t get enough sleep the night before.

So make sure you always get enough sleep!!

Only TWO more weeks!!

I’m hoping to add strength training this upcoming week. It’ll be hard with my busy schedule but I hope that I can fit it in.

Anyone have any thoughts on what I can do?

Also, head over to Rachael’s blog, Happy Healthy Runner, for a Goetien giveaway! I want to try the strawberry flavor and put it in my smoothie. Yum!!

Hope you all had a good Friday!! The beginning of my 4 day weekend has been spectacular. I love that my brother is home!

I Did It

As work piles up – at work, I realize I’m getting lazier and lazier with running.

It’s not like I’m giving up. It’s just – so tired that I don’t want to move.

So I would like to say that I DID IT! The C25K tonight was the same as Monday’s run. Simple huh?

I had the mindset that I was super tired. Little cramps in my calves developed and I told myself, it’s all in my head. It went away and the ache everywhere else started. And I told myself again, it’s all in my head. Sadly this didn’t go away but somehow, I got through it … somehow.

Only seven more days of running. Or two weeks and one day of running. Feels good to know I’m almost to the end. I’ve been deciding on what I want to buy to applaud myself since this journey started off to see if I can make it to the end without giving up. Not too sure what the product will be but do know something is going to be purchased!

I got home and made myself a delicious smoothie. It was the first time it was so thick that I needed a spoon. Reminds me of Julie from Peanut Butter Fingers and all her delicious looking smoothies and shakes!

Please excuse my disgusting, sweaty face. Mmmm .. so good. Oh and excuse the decor. I’m in my brother’s old room. He decorated that back in middle school when plastering your wall with crap was cool.

It was so dang icy … I got several brain freezes. Rest assure that I yelled a couple times. Frick Frick Mmm you so good Frick Frick!

Now I’m squeaky clean and cannot wait to unwind. Hello Chinese Soap Operas. (Yes, I am a fob.)

Don’t forget to give me ideas on my previous post about whats a good thing to giveaway!

One more day of work then it’s the weekend for me! Good Night!

*Edit: I was reading through my Google Reader. I came across Christy from Lift To Run and saw that she got her Fitness Magazine!

I ran downstairs and asked my mum if I got anything in the mail and lo and behold …

Serious cheesin’. Why is Julian Michaels on the cover? It’s not that I hate her but I don’t love her. I like seeing regular, non-famous girls on the cover, please.

Can’t wait to dig through this. Sadly I’ve been so busy I’m still working on last month’s.

Mondays Mondays

What a boring title. I couldn’t think of a good one. 😦

Mmm … so this was my breakfast. Yogurt, blueberries, and honey nut cheerios. Delicious. I was super awake after eating this. Sadly I have no more blueberries. 😦

I painted my ugly nails Friday night. Pretty disco pink. That’s not the name of the polish … just what I named it. Not too sure why I picked this color. Guess it’s easier than a bright color that gets everywhere?

We had a meeting where they gave us free lunch! YUM!! It came from Hungry’s. They had sandwiches, wraps, or salads. I chose the salad with a pita bread and fruit. I made a lot of noise. Crunch Crunch. 😀

But by the end of the meeting … which was two hours long .. my polish was gone. Pick Pick. :-/ Now I painted it clear. So much better looking. I like natural colors. 😉

I was so tired but excited to go run my C25K tonight. June had the week off from work and bought crawfish!! Yummms!! I love crawfish!! With potatoes and corn.

I was too stuffed to run so I waited a good two hours. Longest two hours and I was still stuffed but I had to go run. It was now or never. So C25K: Week 7 – Run 1

Warm up 5, Run 25, Cool down 5

I was so laggy and I blame it on the crawfish! But it’s so delicious. I love crawfish (in my tummy)! So I can’t blame them.

Ten minutes into the run I got really tired. My legs started to cramp so I ran a little bit faster … which surprisingly felt better. Weird.

I thought the run would be easier. Think being lazy all weekend messed me up. Gotta pick it up!

Time for telly before bed! Hope you guys had a good Monday!!


Never give up …

… no matter how tired you are.

I came home around 3:30pm. Thank goodness. I ate dinner early since I was going out to eat again. I knew I would be hungry if I ate later anyway since I planned to run after the celebration.

Doesn’t make sense, does it? Yep … I’m making it up because I was just simply hungry.

Sunny side up eggs on a bed of spinach, bagel thin with Nutella knockoff spread, a handful of jalapeno chips (so not healthy!). So good.

Small sweet potato with yogurt. Yum!

Yeahh … that’s a lot of food even if I was going out to eat again. But it was so good.

Then I took a nap. 😉

When 7:30pm rolled around I got ready for my friend, Ed’s birthday. It was just me and the boys (Ed, Ryan, Daniel). Just how I liked it. Sadly John was missing. 😦 Next time, next time.

We had dinner at:

2706 Westheimer Road
Houston, TX
(713) 524-1700

As all Mexican places have it, Chips and Salsa. Yum!! We had another basket of chips and bowl of salsa. That’s how yummy it was!

Mmm .. sounds good to me! Thanks Chuy’s! 😀

Our food came very quickly. I got the Soft Tacos [two tacos with lettuce, cheese, pico, and your choice of ground sirloin, grilled chicken, or carne guisada. (Also available with guacamole instead of meat for a vegetarian option). Tacos served with rice and reffried or charro beans] | $8.47. I don’t think it’s the same as the menu I saw since this came from the take out menu. It was very delicious. I was so full afterward. I left the cheese on my plate but ate everything else. Delicious.

I would love to come here again and am happy that they have opened one in Katy! It’s so close to home! Yay!

We went to Sherlock’s Baker Street Pub. Yay!

If you look on the bottom left hand corner, you can see a drink. I bought it for my friend, Ryan, since it seemed he was having a bad day. (He went to the wrong Chuy’s.) Apparently the drink is called Sex on Baker Street. He liked it. I didn’t drink. I felt like puking from all that greasy food.

And I want it so damn badly. So I came home to rest a little bit then changed and started my C25K: Week 6 – Run 3.

Warm up 5, Run 25, Cool down 25

I debated for the longest time if I should suck it up and run … so I did. I kept saying in my head, this is the last one for the week. Why give up now?! So .. I went and conquered.

Luckily my arch didn’t hurt so that’s good. I seriously love longer runs than intervals. When can I stop doing intervals?! 😦

I came home and almost passed out on the floor. That’s how tired I was.

My boys (the ones I was hanging out with previously for the birthday celebration) went to a laser tag lock-in. I chose running over that. I must be going crazy.

Time to relax. Weekend is here!

Oh … head over to Fit Chick Britt. She’s asking for pictures of you sporting the make up free look for her future post!!