Day 12: Macau Sightseeing + More Gambling

Vincent and Alva arrived to Macau in the morning because they work nights. So they didn’t get much sleep or anything. Probably a good 4 to 5 hours.

Vincent was being a menace. Rachel and I were still sleepy and he goes and opens the curtains. Pure evil. But he did take a gorgeous panoramic picture!


I gave up my bed to Alva since he worked and came to Macau to hang out with us. Gotta be nice and all that jazz. We slept until 12pm. Winking smile I only got at least 3 hours in all though with all that was going on but that’s okay. Memories, right?


We walked out of the hotel and started looking for food. A picture of the view while walking. Smile

All the food places Rachel and Vincent knew about were not opened … wtf. So we resulted in eating what we know best. Congee and Wonton!


Tang Jai Jook (Tang Jai Congee) with Peanuts, Fish Slices, Squid, Pork, Pork Skin, Pork Stomach
Plain Wontons
More Veggies
Fried Wontons
Pigs Blood with Chives

Mmmm … The Tang Jai Jook was delicious. I wouldn’t add so much stuff in it though. It was all in my bowl and I wished I had more jook instead. No one wishes for that but I’m weird.

Everything else was good. Can’t say the same for the Fried Wonton. But then again, I’m not a big fan of wontons.


We started walking to our destination tourist spot. Look at all the people. This picture does not do it justice. After a long walk and bumping into many people … we made it.


Oh hello building … I don’t know why you’re important. Is that bad?

Alva walked with me to the very top up those many stairs. Thanks cuz! Everyone else was too lazy. We walked around for a good 5 minutes when we reached the top then headed back down.

I must say that Macau is definitely way hotter than Hong Kong. And much more humid.


Just some pictures of buildings and whatnot.


Oh and mopeds rule the world here in Macau. Weird. They don’t care if you’re an elderly … they will run you over if you’re slow.


Then we jumped into a taxi … two since you can only fit four per taxi and we had six … and we headed to a casino.

Oh … did I also mention the taxi drivers zoom really fast and most of the time I feel like I’m going to die. This is coming from a speeder …

When we got there, we walked around the Casino … we didn’t play anything because it was super expensive to put down a bet … and we’re not gamblers so we were all a little scared.


Afterward, we walked around the building and saw this …

It’s an inside building … all the clouds you think you see are fake and painted on the ceiling. Sweet huh? It’s much more real in person.

Oh and they have a “river” running through where you can pay and sit on the boat. On one of the boats, a dude sings whatever dialect you can speak and he is good. Very. Good.


We all stopped at the McDonald’s there and got either Ice Cream, French Fries, or Coffee (which was much needed for some). I got a McFlurry. Pretty much the same price as the States … but they give you less. This. Is. Why. America. Is. Fat.

Oh and the ice cream tastes better over here. I’m not being biased. Promise.


Then we rode a bus to the dock. Got our free tickets at the ferry station.

Walked through a long tunnel … and into another Casino. Some won, some lost. (I won 24.50 in Hong Kong dollars … which isn’t much. But it’s better than losing it all.)

Then we walked back through the long ass tunnel in time to get on our ferry. Smile

Goodbye, Macau. Hello, Hong Kong.

When we got there we were walking through a mall and they made me do this …


… because they think the figure (made out of balloons) looks like me. It was embarrassing doing that for a good three times so that Rachel can take the picture. Best one … even with the other half cut off. Oh well … I realize I lift higher … and I’m kicking her in the face. Sweet.


Dinner was served. We made sure we invited PoPo along too so we ate close to the flat. I’m not a big fan of the foods we ordered but it wasn’t all horrible. I don’t think I would go to this place again though. And if you were wondering … it’s Thai food. But this was too Thai for me … haha


On our walk back to the flat, Alva and I stopped by the little playground area and he showed me he can do pull ups. I was surprised … and impressed. He’s a tiny … but a little taller than me. I guestimate a good 5’ 8” to 5’ 10”. I haven’t been able to do one since I quit basketball in high school. Eeep.


Vincent and Rachel went to buy Tong Sui and got me a Hot Sesame Tong Sui! Then Mum opened up one of the foods she bought in Macau … dried squid. I’m not a fan of this kind of dried squid but I ate it anyway. Fattie right hurr.

Macau is a great place to go to have a little fun. I would love to go there again when I have the chance. Maybe by then I’ll be making enough dough to wear I can bet a little more money in those machines. Those are the only ones I feel comfortable enough to play cuz I hate all the staring and crowdedness. Makes me nervous.

I am finally settled in the hotel in Taiwan. Saw my cousin, Wilson, and his wife so all is well so far. Except I already have negatives on Taiwan. Not what I wanted. More on that later gators.

Peace and Love.

Day 11: New Purse! + Macau!


Iced Green Tea
Iced Lemon Tea


Baked Pork Chop with Rice
Roasted Pork with Eggs with Rice

Brunch was served. Yum! I’ve been waiting for my Baked Pork Chop with Rice … sadly it’s not as good as where I get it in the States. Sad smile Waste.


Still on that medicine shiet. Nasty. They didn’t cook my medicine in time so I have to mix my own. WTF. They should give us money back. When you use the instant mix, it’s not as affective. But I like this way better. It’s not as bitter and I can drink it pretty much whenever I want in that time period.


After we got our medicine, Mum and I went shopping. Something for the brother (don’t tell bro what it is sissy!), candies, earrings, and a purse!

I needed it a new purse since the one I brought over started turning colors. Sad smile It was so cute too so I’m very depressed. But this purse is cute.


PoPo bought some Little Chicken Bread. Not a fan but I took one anyway since she offered.

Then Kathy came home along with Rachel and we got ready for Macau sans PoPo. Eeeep! So excited. We rode on the subway then walked to the ferry place.


When we got to the ferry place, we stopped by Starbucks.

They have Green Tea Frappuccino with Red Bean!! Mmmm … so good. I wish they had it in the States! Only thing that sucked was when I tried to suck up the beans and it got stuck in the straw. They need bigger straws …

We got a phone call to meet Dicky on the other side … so we bought our tickets and got on the ferry.


The inside looks exactly like the inside of an airplane. Only thing different is there’s more leg room!

I went into the bathroom to pee … and uh … all I can say is you need strong leg muscles to piss on a ferry.

When we got to Macau … after a long ferry ride we met up with Dicky and then headed to dinner.


In a taxi! I can cross that off my list. Winking smile


We had Pork Bone Hot Pot. Look at all that bone. Sooo good. You can suck the marrow out of the bone … with a straw. LOVE!


So we hot potted and cooked meat and fish.


Had fried FROGS. Yep you red that right. and Clams.

I was hesitant with the frogs but I’ll try anything once … so yep … I can’t help but keep having frogs jumping around in my head. So that made it difficult to put into my mouth. Frogs tastes JUST like chicken. Mmmm …


We rode the Hotel bus to the hotel.


Um .. I would like this in my room please.


Sweeeet. One of the top floors! Rachel and I went into this one while Mum and Kathy went onto the 25th floor one.


Nice. Ass. View.


Whatchu know about them see through bathrooms? So cool. Bathtub. Standing shower. Toilet. Of course you can pull down the curtain though so no one can see when you’re naked.


After we were settled, we went to gamble somewhere in the hotel. So fun. We played big/small and pulled some machines.

Then we went outside the hotel. This is what it looks like. Sweeeeet! And we went to grab a midnight snack.


Dumplings with Crab and Soup
Dumplings with Pork and Chives
Sesame Filled Sweet Dough Balls

Mmm … I love the wrapper of the dumplings with crab and soup but loved the filling of the pork and chives dumpling. YUM! If only it was that instead then I would really be satisfied!


Macau money if anyone wondered what it looked like.

I’ll update Macau: Day 2 later. I gotta pack for Taiwan. Leaving to the airport in a few hours then riding on a jet plane! Weeee!!

Summer Road Trip: Day 3

Our day begin at a local café:

2012-05-30 11.10.47

Another Broken Egg Café
979 Hwy 98
Destin, Florida
(850) 650-0499

There was a wait outside the café for 20-40 minutes. Not bad. But it was a Wednesday. But then again it was summer in a touristy area. Wait was worth it.

2012-05-30 12.03.47

The Farm Fresh [our garden fresh selection of broccoli, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, & melted combo cheese; served with a side of country potatoes and English muffin] | $9.99

If you love potatoes … go here and try it! The outside is crispy but the inside is soft and mushy. Just how a country potato should be. Other places seem to dry it out or it becomes hard. Here, it’s perfect. Give me your secret!

The omelet was plain. Seems like a normal omelet. I could do without all the cheese though. And I definitely did not eat the English muffin.

2012-05-30 12.03.28

Sausage (2 patties) | $3.49

I ordered a side of sausage because I wanted some meat. It was very normal like the omelet and super oily. It was costly but hey, I guess they changed their menu, 3 patties for $3.49. Still expensive but can’t complain.

2012-05-30 12.03.20

Monster Cinnamon Roll [warm & gooey with a cream cheese icing] | $3.89

Jenny ordered this, took a few bites. It was soooooo gooooood. A to order again if I’m ever at a Broken Egg Café. It was just like they said, warm and gooey. It was so moist. So dang good. I’m drooling as I’m typing this.

2012-05-30 12.03.53

Banana’s Foster [waffle, french toast, or jumbo pancake; covered with our very own warm banana’s foster sauce, whipped cream, pecans & fresh banana slices] | $10.99

Another one of Jenny’s order. She really loves sweets. I took a bite and geebus. Too sweet! I think this is a sharing type of deal. She was eating it all by herself and I’m sure she overloaded on all the sugar. Bleugh!


After brunch, we went on to New Orleans, Louisiana. And checked into the hotel and got ready.


See my darkness. Yuck!

Dinner was at:


Emeril’s Restaurant
800 Tchoupitoulas Street
New Orleans, Louisiana 70130
(504) 528-9393

2012-05-30 19.02.14

Free Bread

I’m not sure of the real names of the bread but I know one is like a croissant (brown), one like cornbread (yellow), and one like a focaccia bread (square). The best one? The croissant one. Yum. So delicious.

2012-05-30 19.46.05

Tammy’s choice:

Grilled Niman Ranch Double Cut Pork Chop [with caramelized sweet potatoes, tamarind glaze and green Chile mole sauce] | $32

The pork chop was very juicy … but very salty. Not a fan. The sweet potatoes were delicious though. Loved the texture but like the pork, a little salty.

2012-05-30 19.46.14

My choice:

Andouille Crusted Drum [with grilled vegetables, shoestring potatoes, glazed pecans and creole meliniere sauce] | $29

Yum. The fish was very flaky and juicy but the outside was crunchy. Reason I picked this was the vegetables. Because I haven’t eaten enough. The shoestring potatoes were a little on the salty side but it was crunchy and so yummy.

I would get this again.

2012-05-30 19.46.56

Jenny’s choice:

Sweet Barbecue Glazed Salmon [with Andouille-potato hash, crispy onions, and house made Worcestershire] | $27

I was going to pick this but I’m not a big fan of crispy onions and I really wanted those vegetables. Loved the salmon. Very flaky. The onions were meh. Glad I didn’t order this and suck with my drum though.

I would order this if the onions weren’t with it. I love onions, but these didn’t cut it.


After dinner, we went back to the hotel and got ready. The other girls pre-drank. Then we went to Bourbon Street.



Tropical Isle
721 Bourbon Street
New Orleans, Louisiana
(504) 529-1409

I’m not quite sure if this is the right location. There were three on that street.


They are well known for their Hand Grenades | $8. I’m not sure what’s in it. But yum!


Heard this stuff makes you drunk fast so we bought two and shared it between all of us. One on ice and one as a slush. Get it on ice. Ice melts and makes the alcohol not as strong and it tastes better at the end. (Maybe we got use to the alcohol though …)


I don’t know where this place is. I looked it up online but I cannot find it. I’ll just call it:

Big Easy Pizza By the Slice
Bourbon Street
New Orleans, Louisiana

2012-05-30 23.08.26

Meat Lover’s | $4.50

So cheesy. So greasy. So yummy. Get it. It tastes good from walking around everywhere.


Crossed another thing off my bucket list.

Going to a Gentlemen’s Club. Seriously. Nothing special. I’m sorry if this offends anyone but I just wanted to see why some guys like to go. It was actually funny being there. I really liked one of them. She’s from California and only come and do this for a few months for fun.


I also crossed off another thing from my bucket list.

Go to a Casino and gamble.


I played the machine Blackjack at Hurrah’s and won $10. Win. I cashed out before I lost anything. Smart cookie right here. Open-mouthed smile

We went home and showered and went to bed.

Day 4. Final day. Coming up soon.