2012-01-07 13.44.16

Yesterday, after lunch the parents, June, and I went to a liquor store that had their grand opening that morning.

2012-01-07 13.30.55

The design of their shop is pretty cool. I liked their cashier right in the middle. It kind of reminded me of Hong Kong jewelers.

2012-01-07 13.30.42

June and I picked out Japanese beer and Sake! Smile

2012-01-07 13.44.35 2012-01-07 13.45.05

While my dad went for the Remy Martin XO. I didn’t want to take out the bottle so I took a pic of the box. Winking smile It came with a free one as well (right). Sweet. I already claimed that one so maybe we’ll open that when I graduate or something.

2012-01-08 17.19.27

Dinner tonight was only June and I. We had hotpot while watching a movie. Don’t worry. We were no where near finishing ALL that food.

2012-01-08 17.23.31

We also took out our Japanese Beer and Sake. June got a little drunk … it was funny.

Time to Dance Central off all that food!


I’m on my winter break and I’m still busy working on school things. I am so dedicated.

The FTK Website and FTK Blog is getting closer and closer to finished.

22 hours until launch.

So excited and scared at the same time. Eep!

This morning I woke up and went to Chinatown to have Brunch with my mum and my aunt’s family.

Then mum and I went shopping. Bought my jacket for when I go to Penn State! Excited!

Then it was Website and Blog working the rest of the time up till now.

Well … if you don’t count eating dinner and my favorite form of exercise nowadays: Dance Central 2. I do the fitness kinds on there and it’s so much fun. Smile

Anyway, it’s time to catch up on blog reading and Netflixing. Night my wonderfuls!