More Celebrations



We had BossMan’s birthday celebration #2 Friday night. Drinks at Woodrow’s then went to Wild West and this other place. I got to know my coworkers better and that’s what I love about going out with them. The fears of not fitting in kind of subsided for those 7-8 hours we were together. Let’s just say the night ended with things I never thought possible. Maybe when I go back to the office tomorrow it’ll be different … or it’ll be just the same. All I know is for those 7-8 hours, I felt like I fitted.

P.S. I don’t know who that girl is in that picture. She just looks like she was having TOO much fun. Love her make up though. Smile with tongue out



Kenny and Cindy retired these past few weeks so we had dinner today to celebrate. I cannot wait to retire. Kind of sad though since I just started working. I love my job but the idea of staying home ALL the time and doing nothing … actually that sounds boring. I’d rather work part time if possible or find some kind of volunteer thing to do.

I hope you all had a great weekend. I know I did.

One more week til Christmas! We can do it!

Three Things Tuesday


It feels like someone punched my stomach and chopped my arms and legs off and ran away knowing I can’t chase them. Aftereffects of working out after not working out for so long. POP Pilates. And then I was dumb enough to do it again. Planks are already hard to do and it’s even harder the second time around when some of your limbs are gone … and it’s only for less than 12 minutes. I do have to say, I love it. The burn especially. It hurts so good.


I’ve been thinking about certain people in my life. Along with those I don’t talk to anymore. It’s kind of depressing. Trying to keep up with people while we both have busy schedules has always been tough but it’s even tougher now that I’m not even near. I hope I don’t lose them. I would text them everyday if I knew I wasn’t bothering them. Some of them are nice enough to do so and I’m thankful. Life would be lonely without that. I’m hoping to visit them in September. Fingers crossed.

If you’ve never read “Tuesdays with Morrie” by Mitch Albom, you’re missing out. Given, I’m not done reading it yet but it’s taught me a lot and given me a different perspective with some things. I saw this book on the shelf of one of my FTK Advisors’ bookshelf and I recall telling her it was on my to-read list. She simply just gave it to me and I’m happy she did. Simple gestures … those are always the best.

One thing Morrie says that I cannot agree enough:

“… Giving to other people is what makes me feel alive …
When I give my time,
when I can make someone smile after they were feeling sad,
it’s as close to healthy as I can ever feel.”
– Morrie

I feel the same and I love when I can do so and I hope that never changes. If you ever need a friend, a simple e-mail is all it takes. Winking smile

Penn State: Day 2

For breakfast, we went to:

2012-02-17 09.11.54

The Corner
100 West College Avenue
State College, Pennslyvania 16801
(814) 237-3051

2012-02-17 08.13.05

I stole one of Cindy’s homefries. It was so delicious!

2012-02-17 08.14.36

Corner Special [three buttermilk pancakes, two eggs, and your choice of bacon, ham steak or sausage] | $7.25

It was so good. The only thing I didn’t like was the eggs. They were funky tasting.

Everyone made fun of how I eat my pancakes. I usually don’t dip them with anything and eat them plain. I don’t use butter or syrup either.

But today I was a little weird and dipped them in ketchup …

No, it’s not weird at all ..

2012-02-17 08.16.03

“The Original” Grilled Stickie Bun | $2.55

I shared half of this with Liliana. It was really good, really stickie. But too sweet!




We toured all over the place around campus.

Then we went to get some sweets!

2012-02-17 11.38.16

Berkey Creamery
119 Food Science Building
University Park, Pennsylvania 16802
(814) 865-7535

2012-02-17 11.46.04

Alumni Swirl [vanilla ice cream with swiss mocha chips & blueberry swirl] | $3.95

I think that was the price. I’m not a big fan of ice cream and it gave me a heart attack that it was this big! Three scoops? I was hoping for half a scoop.

Nonetheless, it was delicious. Jakob got the same flavor as me. That’s my face of fear. Ice cream coma.

We all went shopping a little bit then back to the apartment to rest up.

Then came the THONventure.

THON Opening Night … geezes. So amazing.





Inspirational. One day, this will be FTK.

2012-02-17 17.46.38IMG_6274

I bought food at the BJC while waiting. Chicken tenders with fries and the THON Theme cup. So excited.

Breathtaking. Unbelievable. We stayed all the way until they finished the Line Dance. It was hella long but so worth it being there and being able to live it.

We road the bus back to The Corner for dinner.


New England Clam Chowder [a rich creamy soup made with Meyer Dairy cream with chopped clams, potatoes, vegetables, & bacon.] | $2.50

Mashed Potatoes with Gravy | $1.95

So good. I love The Corner Store.

We went back to the hotel and hung out sang songs and talked. It was great and getting to know them was that much better. I feel more connected to everyone on this trip.

Three different situations made me annoyed and such but in the end, it doesn’t matter. What happened has happened and all I can do is pretend everything is okay.

Day 2, check! Tomorrow we have plans to go down on the floor of THON. I’m excited. My friend is in Hospitality on the floor where she helps feed the dancers. Hopefully she’s free when I’m down there so I can give her a quick hug and hello.

Hope everyone’s weekend started out amazingly! Open-mouthed smile

Penn State: Day 1

So yes. I did not sleep at all. And I still have not slept. Whoo!

It started out with a 3:30am drive to the airport with Patricia, Shayna, Shayna’s Mum, and Flor.


Shayna and her mum left and Jakob arrived right when we were walking in! So these are the earliest risers that got there first! We win …

2012-02-16 03.53.47

Shayna made little baggies of breakfast for all of us. It consisted of a blueberry muffin, a Capri sun, little pieces of candy, and a bag of pretzels.


Us all enjoying our breakfast. We sent this blurry picture to Shayna to let her know we love her and wished she was with us.


Us in our seats. We got to pick anywhere we wanted to sit. There was a lot of open seats so a lot of us had our own row … like Tim J. here who sat in front of me. Jakob sat in my row and we had an open seat in between us.


Before we took off, the view. And after we took off, the view. So pretty!

It was a 3 hour plane ride to Baltimore.

I was so hyper before we took off. But once we were up in the air, the hyperness died off. I tried hard to fall asleep but failed so I pretty much just shut my eyes and listened to music Trisha gave me the night before.


Little snacks we got on the plane. I only ate the Wheat Thins and still have the Ritz. I got water and Tim J. threw the Plane Cookies at me which I still had until later that night.


The view from the sky as we were about to land! It’s so pretty!

Hello Baltimore!


We grabbed food quickly from the food court at the airport. A bunch of us bought food from Quizno’s. I got a veggie sub. Yums!


Then we got on our charter bus to have a 3 hour drive to Pennsylvania.

It was a pretty fun bus ride. I really wished I got some sleep but we had fun reading a Cosmo magazine Patricia bought. Ryan was going crazy over it! And Tim J. somehow felt the need to talk to me and share with me things that happened in the past and his failed Valentine’s Day. I feel sorry for him.


Next thing I know … SNOW!! Life is amazing.

I am in love with this weather. It’s cold but not cold enough where I want to kill myself. I wish I could move up to a cold place when I get older.

2012-02-16 14.23.39

We arrive at The Atherton Hotel and this is the lobby. Hello. You’re gorgeous!


And the rooms aren’t shabby either. It’s just the three of us (Liliana, Marisol, and me). So big! So much room! I get to have a bed ALL to myself! hehe


A group  of us walked around the streets before getting dinner. Everyone else went their separate ways. (Courtney, Andy, Patricia, Tim J., Liliana, Marisol, and me!)

2012-02-16 16.05.16

I found a Wilson Volleyball!! It’s so cute … I want it!

Everyone was starting to get hungry so we went to:

2012-02-16 16.12.36

Green Bowl
131 W. Beaver Avenue
State College, Pennsylvania 16801
(814) 238-0600

2012-02-16 16.21.58

All-You-Can-Eat-Buffet for $11.95. We all jumped on it. You pick what you want and they cook it! It looks dead but there were people here!

2012-02-16 16.57.39

I ate ALL of that. And another plate. I can make this at home but it was nice having more ingredients than usual. Winking smile


Andy, Liliana, and I at the restaurant. We only found this place because the Penn State students suggested it.

I would probably not waste $11.95 on this kind of food since I can make it myself, but it was good enough to satisfy all of us and our hungry tummies.

Afterward, we all walked back to the hotel and we chilled in my room. Ryan and Dilip walked in to let us know they were going to have a drink in the hotel bar downstairs. The 21+ club followed suit. Aka: Patricia, Marisol, Tim J. and I.

2012-02-16 18.31.44

I got a Shock Top that was on Tap. Yum!

Then Bob and Cindy came in with Emily and they had a drink. Along with Murtuza, Lance, Jakob, and Tim S. Eli walked in to hang out with us a little.

A few of us played pool and then some of us went back to our rooms to relax.

It’s been a busy, fun filled day. It’s only 10pm here where back home, it’s 9pm. This time change is confusing me and I am starting to get tired from not sleeping!

I cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings!

I hope you all have an amazing Friday!