Meow, You Sexy Thing

Wow … that title is a bit ridiculous. I seriously need someone to teach me how to name my posts. Any takers? No. Shucks.


I am finally finished with my two day training class. Thank goodness. I’m certain that old, dank building has mold in it. (You can probably figure out what kind of business I’m in.) That would be TWO binders filled with slides and exercises.

My partner in the class was older and someone I’ve worked with in the past. Let’s just say she is very wise. After working so many years in the industry you pick up a lot.

Her: How are you liking your job?

Me: It’s pretty good.

Her: Oh really … I thought you’d hate it.

Me: Oh uh … why do you say that?

Her: Well with your super high skill pool and everything we threw at you in the past, I’d think the stuff you were doing now is too easy.

Oh … *blushing* … was that a compliment? I don’t take those too well. But sadly, she is right about the easiness. I have no challenging work. That’s why I might go back to school in the near future. Get more knowledge and hopefully move to something more challenging.



Britt!! Do you love that picture? I thought about you when I saw this and hopefully you would love it too if you don’t know about it already. A blog (Des Hommes et des Chatons) filled with male models that pair up with kitty look-a-likes. Too cute and ohh so hot.

Stay Positive & Think Good Thoughts!

Hell Week Is Over

… hopefully.

This week alone …

2 Projects turned in.

All 30 pages of me and my partner’s paper was put together at 4am this morning. I was so happy when we handed it into my professor’s hand at 3pm.

Pure bliss.

2 Football games played.

Had one tonight, but we lost by a touchdown. Semi-finals are over. We didn’t make it into the championship round.


Yeah I am. I’m not going to lie. We were so close.

5 FTK Meetings … so far.

And work piles up during those meetings. I have another one today (Friday) from 3-5pm. Hope that goes well and not much work gets handed to me!

1 Finance Lab homework due.

I made a stupid 95 because I couldn’t get one of the answers correct. That’s just straight poop.

4 classes I went to out of 8 classes … so far.

Yep. I’m a terrible student. I had to finish my paper so I had to skip class! But I have a lab tomorrow so I will for sure go to that. That makes it, 5 classes out of 9. That sounds so much better … maybe?

Okay. Time for bed. It’s so early!!Open-mouthed smile